12 May 2013

Mothers Day

Mothers Day. (((Sigh)))
I always get the question, is it a really hard day for you?

Answer:  No. 

That's the complete opposite of what most expect me to say. I know it's the opposite of what Katie  over at Keep Calm and Carry On wrote on her instagram pic today too. 

No, it isn't a hard day for me. If I am being really open, I'd say it's more of an annoying day in terms of social media. I find it ridiculous how Facebook blows up and everyone pays homage to their moms on the INTERNET for the world to see. And for what really? To prove to the world that they all love their moms on this one joyous day? Gag. 

 In all honesty, when you lose someone you love, such as a parent, at such a young age, the pain subsides and doesn't hurt as bad as time goes on. Numb is the best word I can use to say that I really don't "feel" anything anymore about her being gone. She just is. Gone....

 My mother has been dead (deceased.passed on, all of the words mean the same) now for 18 years. 18 years. It's practically a lifetime. In a 13 year old girl's world, it is a life time. Being 30 now, I just don't feel the "need" as I did when I was little, to feel down in the dumps about her passing on. I love her more than words can say. She taught me so much for those few years we had together. Time inevitably makes one numb to the pain. Over time you just realize it's about here and now in the moment and that's all that counts.

So to all of you that still have their amazing moms, hug them and do a little happy dance. You are the lucky ones. I may of only had mine for a few years, but they are years I'll always cherish!

 Here's my Sunday Tune 

I am obsessed with Mariah Carey feat Miguel's new song! I was literally driving in my car, heard it come on the radio and thought to my self, hey that sounds like Mariah Carey! Once at a stoplight, I pulled out my phone and Shazam'ed it and sure enough it was! Needless to say I've been listening to it non stop on Spotify!



  1. Yes to the Mariah Carey song! Beautiful post girl.

  2. I love what you said. I love how real you are, and how raw you are, and how you didn't sugarcoat it or say something that people would want or expect you to say. You are beautiful and what you shared with us was beautiful. Thank you for that. You're so right: they are the lucky ones. I also feel the same about how it's become some homage to show pictures of people with their moms. And you know it's the only picture they'll share with her all year until what? the next mother's day? Ugh. I don't know. I'm sure I'm just a little cynical and bitter about it right now, but you know what. That's what life does to you sometimes, and that's just the way it is. Anyway. Love you you, girl.


  3. I found myself annoyed yesterday with the social media frenzy, too. More so about the ones who were all "I am so glad I am a mother this Mother's Day!!!" I mean, I understand why they were so excited, but I also see where yesterday would've been a super hard day with those struggling to get pregnant. I just tried to avoid it all if possible.


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