27 May 2013

What I learned about myself today..

I learned a few things about myself this past Monday..

1. I cannot do pushups...Like no more than 7 the girl way. My face turns so red you'd think a heavy 250 lbs woman was doing them. Yeah that was me. Completely discouraged and frustrated. 
Also doesn't help having your husband the fitness guru have to help lift you up off the floor the the last pushup because you can't push yourself up. That's how little upper body strenght I have.

2. Husband and wife trainer/trainees don't mix well. Some things like gym time I think are best left to do alone rather than "together" if you get what I'm saying.

3.  I hate digging through my purse trying to find keys or anything!!!! Nothing worse than being at a check out counter and taking 4 extra minutes before you can actually get out to your car! I even switched back to my Modalu purse that I loved so much last year, and I don't give a bleep that it's from "last year." 

4. It took everything in me NOT to chase two 10 yr old boys in target who picked up two random razor scooters out of the kids section and were racing...yes racing down the center aisle of the store. The mom just said, "don't run into anybody." are you freaking kidding me? Stellar parent right there. NOT. 

Moving on to the Bachelorette....

I miss Desiree with bangs!!! Anyone else think she looks better with them?!

So far my favorites on the show (in no particular order)

Brandon (the adrenaline junkie)

Ben (aka the guy with the kid)

Zak (aka shirtless guy come on)

and Drew


There were a few other contendors but I'll leave it at that!



  1. i'm with you, spouses shouldn't work out together. maybe at the same time? find. but not together.

  2. Eric and I have our fitness test together tonight at our new gym. I'm with you... I don't like working out with him. It intimidates me. Since he's cycles a lot, his endurance is INSANE. I have horrible endurance! I'm like "Yup...that 11 minute mile was a good workout. Thanks." Oh also.. pushups.. When I was doing crossfit, I could jam out like 60 girl pushups...the right way.. where your chest comes down, back is straight, etc. I was a pushup rockstar! I haven't done crossfit in 7 months and well.. I'm lucky to do 15 in a row now. Ugh. I wish our bodies could just default to being in shape..haha.. *sigh*

  3. Love the guy with the kid too!! It looks like in the previews for the season that he starts to cause drama...good gracious I hope he doesn't!

  4. So funny, we were watching that Bachelor bloopers special last night and they showed Des on her hometown date. I said to Jon how much better I thought she looked with bangs! Right there with you.


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