06 January 2012

Trivia--The Name Game

So based on yesterday's post about my love for the name "Scout" and where that came from...

  as to how and why I love that name so much!

There once was a show called "Young Americans" that aired right after Dawson's Creek on what was then known as the "WB" network which is now the CW. 


When Young Americans premiered…

… there were only four Harry Potter books. [and the first film was being made]

… Justin Bieber was six years old.

… American Idol had not aired yet.

… Britney Spears had just released her second album.
… Buffy Summers was still protecting the world from demons, vampires and the like.
… nobody had ever heard of Facebook.
… Stephenie Meyer had never thought about Edward Cullen.
… most people did not know who Paris Hilton was.

Here's the Theme song to the show which I absolutely LOVE!!

For those of you who never saw the 8 episodes.. (you are missing out!) 


This series portrays life at Rawley Summer Academy, an elite school in Connecticut where boys with a bright Ivy League future spend the summer industriously in classes and rowing training on the lake. It's mainly told from the viewpoint of Will Krudski, a gifted, genuinely inquisitive student and future writer, who feels guilty having cheated at the entry exams. His roommate, Scout Calhoun, is a school legacy who makes an effort to become friendly with some underprivileged local kids and falls in love with the daughter of a garage owner who turns out to be family. Most of his classmates are golden spoon boys, but still have their problems, among each-other, at home and sometimes with the locals. Actually Jacqueline 'Jake' Pratt is a girl pretending to be a boy as the only way to get in, causing great confusion for Hamilton, the school dean's son, who begins to fall for her.
*taken from IMBD 

Here's the first episode via YOUTUBE 

I love the opening!! It features music by Nick Drake! 
This is the first time I really began to follow Kate Bosworth who then got her first big role soon after in a movie we all have seen, "Blue Crush"

And yes, she really has one brown one blue eye. A lot of times when she gets movie roles, they will give her a color contact to put in what ever eye color they want her to have.

And this is Mark

Mark Famiglietti

aka on Young Americans as Scout Calhoun 

He's the reason why I adore the name for a boy

Not because of her

Who did get her  literary reference name from 

One of my fave books

And the character of 

Scout Finch

And there you have it friends! One of the 2 names I adore! 

Happy Friday Bloggies! 



  1. I love hearing stories behind names! So cute!!

  2. I'd never heard of this show! Had no idea Kate had one brown/one blue eye either.

    Love the name Scout. :)

  3. I remember this show!!! It came on right after Dawson's Creek (Tuesday nights if I remember correctly?) My friends and I would make a big batch of popcorn and all sit together on the couch to watch these back to back. What a flash back:) Happy Friday!

  4. I fell in love with To Kill a Mockingbird when I read it in junior high, too. So much that I own a 1st edition paperback copy ... but I keep it in a plastic bag and never open it because I'm afraid the whole book will fall apart. But I do occasionally open the bag and take a big whiff ... because there really isn't a better smell in the world than old books. (Tell me I'm wrong!)

    Like you, I love the name Scout.
    I wanted to name my dog Scout ... but my husband didn't go for it. :(

  5. That is such a cute name! It's tough when you like a name and then a celebrity will use it and people will automatically think you like it for those reasons. I try not to tell people the names I like too in fear that my friends or family members might take the name for their kiddies!! haha..

  6. I totally remember this show and was totally bummed it didn't go further (in my high school hayday)! Also love names that are linked the fabulous books and characters!

    Chelsea (www.hautechildinthecity.com)

  7. Ah, that makes sense. He's hot! haha I wonder why WB cancelled the show?? Wonder what would have happened to Kate's career had it stayed on, huh?

  8. okay this is too cute!! You HAVE To name your son Scout then...there is so much meaning to it. And I can honestly say I've never seen/heard of that show! Lol

  9. I loved this show and none of my friends remember it!! Great post :) And name!

  10. Lots of good reasons to like that name! It's super cute! :)

    I totally wish I had one brown eye and one blue eye.

  11. This is such a neat story about the name!!

  12. Great story, I love the name Scout! Check out my blog, I am now following.



  13. okay so i vaguely remember this show! i loved dawson's creek and would still watch it to this day if it came on. really cool about Kate Bosworth and her eye colors. I had no idea!

  14. i LOVED this show and not one single person i know has ever heard of it!! so glad you have haha, i wish it had been picked up, i personally thought it was really good :) i too love the name scout


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