10 January 2012

Product Review/Movie Review

This post is going to be short and sweet unlike yesterday's long winded post! 

I haven't really changed anything in my beauty products, shampoo etc etc those kinds of toiletries.

I did however see this on Target's shelf or maybe it was Walmart, I forget. Anyhow, I thought--Sweet they made a new shaving cream! I'll have to try it out! After all, it was only like a dollar more than our boring selection of 2 (gillette or Skintimate)

This shaving cream is a BUST. NOT worth the money. The problem with it, is that it DOESN'T lather up! This means You use WAY to much trying to get enough out to cover your legs or whatever it is that you ladies shave! I would NOT RECOMMEND this product!

Okay next up:

Mister Wonderful & I watched the movie, "Contagion" Saturday night. 
Definitely gets you thinking about washing your hands a lot more! 

 This movie was MUCH better than the last 2 duds we rented I can tell you that much


It looses major originality points. The very first thing I thought of when I saw this movie, was dude this is just like that Dustin Hoffman movie--

Personally, I liked Outbreak better, but Contagion was good too. 

There was one really graphic scene that I had to cover my eyes for (mister wonderful being an RN and all immediately knew what was going on and said CLOSE YOUR EYES!) 



  1. I LOVE eos products! I haven't tried their shaving cream yet but I need too!

  2. Awww! Your fiance sounds like my husband! When we saw I am Legend together, he had already seen it so he would hold my hand tighter or warn me when something scary was coming up! Sounds like we've got some pretty sweet guys on our hands!

  3. I watched Contagion on Friday! When the population numbers came across the screen for all the different cities- it literally blew my mind. I can't imagine living somewhere with THAT many people.

  4. I used eos shave cream as well and tossed it out after a couple of tries. I like it when it really lathers up and I get my money out of it!

    I haven't seen contagion yet, but I will definitely watch it now!

    Have a great day,


  5. I saw that shaving cream and wanted to buy it just because it was pink! I'm glad I didn't get it! I love Outbreak, if Contagion is similar, I need to see it!

  6. Love your honesty! I will NOT be trying that shaving cream. Thanks for your recommendation! And my sweet husband also tells me to close my eyes on the scary parts! :)

  7. I really liked the movie Outbreak. I guess I'll go ahead and watch the other one now!!! I love EOS's chapstick. I'm sad the shaving cream doesn't work...I'm glad you reviewed it because I would have bought it.


  8. Since it is a natural product it doesn't have the parabens in it to lather up... which is actually a good thing. I think it is supposed to be more like a lotion [why you can use it wet or dry]. Try putting on a thin layer, like your lotion, and shaving... see if you like it better. (:

  9. I love your product/movie reviews! :) I've seen Contagion but haven't seen Outbreak!


  10. I wanted to see this and I thought of Outbreak too! I might have to watch it on my own because Tim said he wasn't interested.

  11. Thanks for the honest product review! I'm a sucker for cute packaging so I would probably pick this up and then be totally disappointed.

  12. I agree wtih you on this movie! I thought it was going to be awesome! The trailer made it look exciting!
    The whole movie I was waiting for some sort of crazy twist in the story line....total bust!


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