31 January 2012

If I was President...

Erin over at Living in Yellow had thee best/cutest post on her list of "if she was president" and is hosting a link up of lists!

So I decided to participate. I will admit, her list is pretty dang good, and I am going to put a star/asterisk by ones on her list that I completely would put on my list if I was the President! 

If I was President....

I would raise the driving age to 18. Yep you read that right. I didn't get my license till I was 17, and I felt that was even a wee to young. Driving is such a HUGE responsibility and I think kids should just be a little older to take on such tasks in life. 

Smoking would be illegal. Like if you got caught by a cop, or a neighbor and they reported it, you would get some serious fines billed to you! 

*-If you are under 18?
No Facebook for you.

*-Under 16?

No cell phones either.

*-Teachers would be allowed to both pray over their students AND smack their booties with a paddle. 
Raise Hell now children and see what happens. 
God AND paddles are looking over you. 

Diet soda would be BANNED. Bad stuff people. I am so anti soda it's not even funny. Keep living in your bubble soda drinkers, we shall see who lives longer and healthier! Just sayin--don't hate appreciate health! 

Men would not be allowed to walk around in public with their boxers (Asses) hanging out of their pants--I mean really what women find watching men waddle sexy? Gross!

Video games would have a switch in them to only work for ONE hour a day thats it! Once the hour was up, the video gaming system could not turn on for the rest of the day!

Any Animal cruelty charges against a person would equal life in prison. And I am so serious about this. 

Teachers would not be at the bottom of the list when it comes to salary. I'd say they'd earn as much as doctors and lawyers. They are after all, just as important! Let's pay them like they are!

Everyone would have to own a hybrid car. This would mean, no more gas guzzlers would be manufactured from this day, and any remaining on the road would be allowed to drive them until the they keel over. Thus, eventually all junkers and cars that blow nasty black smoke (out their clearly not tested exhaust systems) would eventually in time disappear. 

Junk food would cost more money at the store and or restaurants. PERIOD. It's all about choices.

It would be required that all High School graduates MUST attend college.

I have no idea about the financial part of that law lol but it's a great thought right? haha

Pizza and Mac and cheese would NOT ever be served at elementary school lunches! (Oh yes, this happens EVERY week monday equals pizza at my school) 

Seriously? Yep. 


Kids would go to school YEAR ROUND. ( the opposing school district down in Yuma AZ known as Crane School District does this) What this means is that kids go to school a few months in a row, then get three weeks off etc etc. Attendance would be so much better. Teachers would be well rested and able to take time off for vacations or go to the doctor or dentist during the week without taking a sick day. 

It's proven that kids that go to year round schools are smarter y'all! They don't forget knowledge like most kids who get three months off for summer do! 

Everyone gets to sleep in till 8 everyday, because no one's work day starts till 9am! 

What would you enforce as President? 

Link up with Erin!



  1. I like what you'd change!! You should go for president ;)
    Where I live, you have to be 18 years old to drive :)

  2. I especially like the rule for boys and their pants! Along with higher pay for teachers. : )

  3. I agree with most of these, but as a Nanny who had to deal with two children in year round school... It's more stress on the family than it's worth almost. What are parents supposed to do for those 3 weeks? I understand it's excellent for teachers, but parents have to pay for extra child care or take time off of work during those breaks that come every 9-14 weeks! That adds up to a lot of missed work!
    During the summer, normal school breaks, there are at least activities, 9-5 for kids to participate in and therefore are still supervised, staying out of trouble and no one misses work.
    And also, kids get soo bored and are absolutely awful the last week of those three. Especially if it's winter and there's nothing you can do outside. At least in the summer you can always take them outside.
    All right, off my soap box now :)
    I love the no cell phones and facebook one! Someone who isn't old enough to drive is therefore not old enough for a cell phone!

  4. CMAE for president!!!!!! Teacher's Rights!!!!!!!!

    I LOVED THIS!!!! I agree with it all!!! Especially the prayer and pops!!!!!!!

  5. this is HILARIOUS, and some of these i am in total agreement with you on...especially the paddling in school (they used to when i was growing up) and the no smoking and junk food costing more!! preach on pres ;)

  6. I agree with you on ALL of these! Driving age yes, animal cruelty...should be life in prison, facebook under 18, diet soda, smoking and junk food!! Actually..in Austin...you can't smoke in ANY restaurants or bars...it is AWESOME!

  7. New follower! I would TOTALLY vote for you. This is a terrific platform. :)

  8. I have to agree with most of your list! Most definitely the no smoking; every time I'm walking behind someone who is smoking, or I was past someone who blows smoke up, I cringe and give them the stink eye. Don't be ruining my perfectly healthy lungs! Honestly, I complain about this so often on twitter and have said the same thing-make it illegal.
    I'm with ya on cell phones too. My 12 year old cousin has a blackberry!!! WHY!!??! I don't get it...

  9. Thanks so much for linking up lovely :) I enjoyed your list a lot...great idea on the fast food costing more. Genius. Also a huge fan of the smoking being illegal. What a better place this world would be!

  10. love it! I'd vote for you :) haha

  11. @kate-
    Not to sound harsh but what's more important --what works for a parents schedule or what proven test scores show that year round schools are in fact producing kiddos with higher smarts? 
    I currently work in a school district where every Wednesday school is let out as an early release day. You can bet  your bottom dollar that parents have a shit fit over how they are suppose to pick their kid up at one in the afternoon every single Wednesday.  Just saying:-) 

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  12. Here in DC, rumors are spreading about a new law that would require high school students to take a college entrance exam and apply to at least one post-education school as a requirement for graduation.

    I think it should definitely be law! Unless a student decides to enlist in the military, that is.

    Thought you might enjoy this short article: http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/lifestyle/general_lifestyle/january_2012/68_oppose_law_requiring_high_school_students_to_apply_to_college


  13. Your future children will definitely fight you on the cell phone!! haha

    I haven't had diet soda for over a month... been avoiding all the artificial sweetners. Your last post about it definitely gave me a boost to give it up!

  14. lol I love this! however if you were President then I would be seriously be SHIT OUTTA LUCK on quite a few of these haha!

    this is a fabulous idea. I so need to link up and do one of my own :)

  15. oh and if mothers actually raised their kids themselves they wouldn't have to be all worried about picking up their kids from early release Wednesday. OMG did I just SAY THAT OUT LOUD?!?

    you know it :)

    You and I and our controversial posts, login' it :)

  16. Most kids in NY can't get their license till 18. You can get it at 17 but you need a certain amount of hours with drivers education training!

    I'm all for you with teachers' rights!! I would vote for you! :)

  17. Ohmygosh I love this! YES! Animal cruelty SHOULD mean life in prison. And teachers should be MUCH higher in the salary range than they are (my mom is a teacher). Driving at 18 would be AWESOME. I mean, I dont even mind restricted licenses from 16-18 (like not driving at night, only driving to and from work/school, etc), but I dont think kids should get a FULLY unrestricted license until 18. And here here on smoking being illegal!

  18. I went to school year round in elementary and LOVED it. We went on 10 weeks, off 3. I think summer break was longer, about 6 or 7 weeks.

    I think it was much easier for my Mom too, not having to worry about what to do with me for months on end with nothing productive. I was also an only child for the majority of that time so it really helped me maintain relationships, rather than being shipped off to relatives or home alone for months with no siblings. Great idea!

  19. I agree with these all, except for the teachers being allowed to pray and paddle students. No one is spanking my kids besides me/timmy, and no one is allowed to teach/talk/discuss religion with my kids but me/timmy. I don't even believe in using spanking as a form of dicipline, but if its gotta be done, it wont by anyone but timmy and I. I do love all your other ideas though, especially the saggy pants and animal cruelty ones1 :)

  20. I would vote for you missy!!

  21. I am so with you on the animal cruelty law although I couldn't vote for someone who would ban smoking.


  23. I agree with 99.9% of these lady!! I'd vote for ya :) esp think fast food should cost MORE than healthy food!

  24. You have my vote if you dont outlaw my diet coke. :) I know it's bad but I LOVE it!!!

  25. I LOVE every single one of these! Especially the one about animal cruelty! I love this link up idea!!!


  26. New follower & I love every one of these..you have my vote!


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