28 January 2012

GFC Update

I've been getting a few comments saying that the Google Friend Connect won't hurt people that are currently using it now IF you have a blogger/blogspot domain.

True for those of us that use it now, but I know I can't be the only one that follows blogs that don't have that widget or the follow option at the top of their blogs.

So in a way, it will affect us.

"With this change, the biggest hurdle bloggers will have to face is the potential loss of followers. Google has not announced whether, for other other platforms that can use the feature, if they will migrate the feed for Google Friend Connect followers straight in to Google Reader. For bloggers, this could result in a staggering decrease in their traffic."

They are talking about how all those blogs we/us currently follow that DONT have a friend connect on their page will/may or may not continue to show up in your dashboard/feeder.

Does that make sense?

So in a way, it's still best to add the Google Plus widget because how else are you going to follow those lost blogs that don't use GFC? Blogger has had so many issues over this last year, I'd rather be safe than sorry. Who knows what other "changes" they will make.

The rest of the article is HERE



  1. Bloglovin' is another great way to follow blogs you love!

  2. how do you install the google plus?


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