15 January 2012

Sweet Home Alabama Season 3 Review!

Have y'all been keeping up with the new season of Sweet Home Alabama!? 

This season's cast of Country guys my oh my they are going to send those city boys packing!

Paige Duke, from Lancaster, S.C., is a Clemson University graduate that now works as a national representative for Kruger Farms, an outdoors retailer in Minnesota. Paige is also a part time model and veterinary technician. In her free time, she loves to spend time on the lake or at the beach and enjoys rodeos, hunting, fishing and watching sports. Paige owns two dogs that she adores and is hoping to find the perfect man to add to the mix.

Right now, my top 2 pics for Paige are these guys:

(Preacher's kid aka firefighter) what's not to love!?! 

(Yes that's really his first name)
Cattle driver. Real. Southern. cowboy! 

Who I don't think she'll pick:

The hip virgin.

Fist Pump Jersey boy who shaves his hairline on his forehead! 

The guy with a kid who was almost married 2 weeks before his fiance' walked away from their wedding!

The Straight? hairdresser...um  yeah........

The Youngin. He's 21. I think that says it all! 

What do y'all think!?!



  1. I've never heard of this show! I miss having cable! But I love reality dating tv so I'm sure I'd love it!

  2. I've never seen this show?!?! How have I missed two seasons of it?!! I'll definitely have to check it out this season...thanks for the heads-up!

  3. Bubba & Austin are two of my favorites, too. I really like Landon (guy with kid, ex fiance) but, I agree, I don't think she'll pick him either.

    I'm really excited about this season because I like Paige so much. I wasn't into it all that much last season because I wasn't a big fan of Tribble, and, let's be honest, there's not a whole lot of eye candy when it's a bachelor's turn ;-) haha.

    We shall see. Have you seen the video that the Jersey boy and another guy did? I believe it's called "Country & I know it" ? It's so funny!

  4. I have it PVR'd - first season Ive seen - not sure what to think yet!

  5. 'The hip virgin' - ha, love it! Was she on Tribble's season?

    megs [at] Shine On & Skinny Up

  6. I never knew this was a show! Ah sounds like an entertaining show to watch ! Haha the last bunch definitely don't look too appealing lol

    XO. Britt
    The Magnolia Pair


  7. This was definitely on my list of shows to watch but I have not gotten around to it yet. Thanks for giving me the extra nudge to watch!

    Have a great day,


  8. ahh! i wish i had cable so i could watch this show! and ps- the straight hairdresser is def straight! he does my hair!! :D

  9. I'm not watching this season, but I'm so excited that they've picked another Clemson grad. :-)

  10. Those were my 2 picks too. Even though I do like the Youngin...I'm not sure she'll pick him either! I've watched all seasons so far..love it! Love your blog!!!

  11. i've never seen the show! even though i went to the university of alabama. i guess just never seem to catch it on. buuuuut wasn't tribble the first guy on it? he works at a bar here in Atlanta..... he thinks he is soooooo super!

  12. I'm just starting this season ... Do you like it? I'm hoping they have a more mature group as past seem sooo young.

  13. Love this show, I think shes into the Jersey boy Joey hes one to watch out for,Bubba, and Shaun from new york. She let some of the best guys go already like Donny Fallgatter from Nashville and Danny
    Bopp Nascar Drive both very good guys.I have no idea why she is keeping Shaun hes way to young for her and Landon he just gets on my nerves!! Again I think she let the two best picks go although she might be ok with Joey & Bubba


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