23 January 2012

Artsy Fartsy Artwork

It's been a busy 2 weeks since returning from X mas break! I've had my students buried in finishing up their art projects!

This is my Valentines Day Box! First grade teachers asked me if I would help their little ones create a box for their big Valentine exchange. SWOON. One of my favorite holidays as a child! Who didn't LOVE getting those paper valentines with a message from all your classmates!?!?!

First grade also recently learned about Laurel Burch. She's a great artist and a lot of art teachers more and more seem to be resorting to her for ideas/lessons about CATS!!! 

4th Grade 

My 4th graders I am so proud of! I haven't taught this lesson since I taught it 6 years ago in Yuma, AZ! 

Students (esp the boys) really enjoy this lesson. It's very hands on and of course made out of RECYCLED soda cans!!!

We also used: Brads, Colored Sharpies, Tin Foil (Aluminum Foil) and Hot glue

3rd grade finally finished their Babushka Dolls! They turned out SO CUTE! They all can recite to you if asked what it means, what country they learned about, and how many dolls (true nesting dolls) are suppose to have! 

This last project is from my After School Art kiddos. It's their first week back for the second art semester. I lost eight kids and gained eight new ones, so we did a getting to know you project! :) 

My Castle example for 6th grade--completed! 

Some of the finished castles!

It was surprisingly a hit for both the boys and the girls. Most were happy to even touch clay, as they have told me over and over that when they were in 5th grade (last year) their art teacher last year didn't let them make anything in clay since they were really naughty. 

Clay castles
Water color paints
Skewers for Flags
Hot Glue 



  1. OMGosh I was so excited to see the finished castles! You are SOOO sweet. I can't wait to be a mom and have these precious creations brought home!!

  2. So precious!! You can tell you're a fantastic teacher. I want one of those V-day mail boxes hhehe Have a great day lady!!

  3. that valentines day box is amazing!
    sooo soo sooo cute

  4. These are so precious! Thanks for always sharing your students work. As an education major I love seeing children's handy work. It's always something that brightens my day!

    Slightly off topic, but you lived in Yuma? I started reading your blog while I was visiting Yuma a couple weeks ago. It was so nice to find your blog, while I was there! I've been an avid reader ever since. :)

  5. All those projects look so fun.. I especially love the cats :)


  6. The love notes box is adorable. I used to looove these projects when I was younger!

  7. I remember one of my favorite things about being in elementary school was making our valentine's day boxes! How fun to get to create them with your little first graders!

  8. Wow! I love those cats! It seems like you do such cool projects in your class!

  9. Cute Valentine's Day mail box! All of the art the kids did is fantastic!

  10. I love seeing what your kiddos make!

    It makes me a little bit jealous though my elementary art teacher was old and mean, we never made anything fun!

  11. Yes, THANK you for doing legit lessons! I'm a music teacher and we Arts Ed. peeps gotta ramp it up and show society our classes aren't "fluffy." Nothing wrong with legitimate learning being fun and creative though!

  12. Love the shoe boxes! I'm using shoe boxes for our Valentine's too and I love the idea of using newspaper to wrap them and then decorating. I'm sending out an email to my students' parents tomorrow asking for newspaper!

  13. I love all these!!!! SO CUTE!!! Especially liked the cans ones!!!!!!

    You are such a good teacher!!!!!!!

  14. AWWW! V-day card boxes! How I miss being in elementary school to make those!

  15. These are such cute project ideas. It's probably really fun for you to see what each comes up with!

  16. WOW! Your kids' art work turned out amazing! That means your an amazing teacher! I have loved looking around your blog. I am a 5th grade teacher and I'm definitely going to be showing our art teacher some of your ideas and may even use some of them myself : ) New reader!



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