09 February 2015

Grammys Recap!

Met up with a girlfriend to watch the grammys last night at her house and I was so happy that this was the first show in such a long time that really felt like it was all about the music! Packed with great performances!

Gotta start with my girl Madonna.
Love her. I know she's a pusher she always has been. Her performance was nothing shy of her style that's for sure!
Where do you think Lady Gaga gets her ideas from?

Here's Madonna's performance from last night. It's one of the few songs on her new album that doesn't have inapropriate words

The Paul Rihanna Kanye performance.

This was such a weird match up. Rihanna has such a great voice, but I felt like I couldn't hear Paul at all!!!

And Sia. I have been such a fan of hers since she was apart of the group called Zero 7. (their hit song was called Destiny you can hear it in the film Blue Crush)

Did you know Sia wrote Adam Levine and Gwen Stefani's new song/duet My heart is open? Tis true!  I was so impressed. Their voices blend so well together! 

And can we talk about how Pharrell's shoes pretty much trump his goofy hat from last year?! lol Bling Bling! 

I thought this little lady looked so glam! Stunning color! I was sad she didn't win anything this year.


Some things I didn't like....The Artist formerly known as Prince and his really awkwardness and rudeness towards Beck when he won. I didn't like his little thrown in black lives still matter comment. 


I didn't think all these artists really needed to throw in the I can't breathe thing. What's done is done.

What were your favorite likes or dislikes from the show last night!? 

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