15 February 2015

Fifty Shades say what?

I made it to the theater today to see the highly talked about Fifty Shades of Grey.


 If you recall, I read the books and blogged about it back in 2012 here I've also blogged about it here, here, here, & here

I've read opinions all over the place about this film how it being released at Valentines would send the wrong message and blah blah and how the whole submissive is borderline domestic violence and or abuse etc etc....

I walked into the theater expecting to feel really awkward watching this film especially during what I was expecting were some really intense sexual scenes. 

I am happy to report no awkwardness was felt, and those intense sexual scenes didn't really happen. I thought everything they showed was very tasteful and I've seen worse. They really didn't even show much. A few tie ups with a tie, or ropes and a blindfuold which truth be told couples in relationships today who aren't dominatrix do this type of stuff and aren't submissives/dominace people. How often have we seen movies where one person handcuffs the other to the bed? It's not something new that's for sure. 

Raunchy? Nope. The only thing that felt weird was hearing/seeing Jamie Dornan say "laters baby." I thought it was a tad cheesy but hey it's a big part of the book in the dialogue between Ana and Christian. 

Anyone else go out and see it? 

I thought it gave all us fans of the book a well deserved brought to life to the big screen. 

I was skeptical about Dakota Johnson and she ROCKED it as Ana. 


  1. I am going to go see it this coming Sunday however, I am still sad over whom they picked for characters. They truly could have done better! I think I will like the video however, I still think I will end up loving the books more in this case sadly :(

  2. I thought Dakota was fabulous as Ana and I love that you brought up the couples that aren't into all of it certainly experiment with aspects of it. Great post, now I'm off to read your others, lol. Thanks!

  3. I saw it this weekend and really enjoyed the movie. I hadn't read the book and being totally honest didn't know too much about the story. I thought it was great and I was really intrigued with how she was leading him to change as a person. I too thought it was very tasteful and I am thinking about picking up part two!


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