13 February 2015

Sweet Treats

I decided to be a good neighbor and make these goodies for 3 of our friendly nice neighbors for Valentines day! 
What you'll need:

Silicone Heart mold. I found this particular one via amazon. I also own another one that I've shown or mentioned on blogger before but I use it for my crayon baking only! 

M & Ms

Valentine colored Sprinkles.

White Chocolate to melt.

Mason jars.

So while I was waiting for the chocolate to melt in the pan on the stove, I got my heart mold ready first. 

Once the chocolate was melted, you have to pour it quickly in the mold and then place in the fridge to cool down. 

The first hearts on the left were my first batch and didn't turn out so great. I learned that I didn't put nearly enough M&Ms and sprinkles to get them to lay on top of the chocolate enough. 

DUMP Way more than I am showing in this picture!

Since I only had one silicone mold, it was taking forever to make the treats. I had to wait 25 min for them to cool before I could make the next batch which meant I had to turn off the stove each time. Super annoying. Note to self always have 2 molds ready to go! 

So while I was waiting I busted out my glue gun and got to working on my favorite part, the decorating of the jars! 

Here's my second batch of treats this is how they were suppose to turn out the first time!

The larger mason jars I filled with Angel food cake, cut organic strawberries, and little dab of cool whip on the top! 


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