23 February 2015

And the Oscar goes to...


If I could pick, Lady Gaga should of walked home with something. She blew.me.away. with her rendition of Julie Andrew's Sound of Music. It's the first time in a long time where she was fully dressed and people were less distracted with how she looked and more focused on her beautiful voice. 

Well done gaga. Well done. 

My top picks for the night are as follows:

Gwen. She looked pretty. Perfect for the part if you would. 

Reese. She's worn a black and white dress before, I think she looks classy, although this isn't my favorite dress/look for her.

Jennifer Hudson sparkles in yellow. Maybe I'm just biased to yellow I don't know but she rocked it!

J Lo. Gorgeous. I think all the photographs of her in her dress don't even do her justice. When I saw her on TV she glowed. So pretty. 

David Oyelowo must of been the "thing" for colored suites last night! I thought all the men who wore them looked dapper!

Eddie R. 

Most unrecognizable Faith and Tim. Woah holy hair chop for Faith and Tim looks real skinny!

Rosemund Pike. She looked ravishing in red! 

Who was on your best and worst list? 


  1. C Mae, you are so right! GAGA's performance was AMAZING! And I too am partial to yellow, but Jennifer pulled it off regardless of our bias! :)

  2. I have always loved Gaga and I knew she could sing, but man she really knocked my socks off last night. I kept looking to make sure it was really her singing. Plus, she looked probably the best I've ever seen her! I loved it!

  3. Gwen was my favorite look for the night. The pink is so soft and pretty!

  4. Jennifer Lopez looked amazing in that outfit.



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