19 January 2015

Hooked on Sons

of Anarchy that is! 

7 seasons I've got a lot to get through! 

I've seen a few great shows, over the years and this one is falling right in line with all of my top favorite TV shows of all time! (And I'm not even completely done with season1 yet!)

I'd have to say some of the best shows of all time that I have seen are the following:

Prison Break. 4 seasons. So sad when it ended so quick! 


8 seasons. Cop slash Blood Spatter Analyst. Doesn't get much better than that as a story line!

Breaking Bad. 5 Seasons. 
Chemisty Teacher slash drug maker. 

The Wonder Years
6 seasons. This is my all time top favorite show that I have ever watched. Not sure anything else can ever come close! 

Brothers and Sisters 
5 seasons. 

I'm a sucker for anything with Rob Lowe. It's mainly the reason I watched this one! 

I'm only listing shows that have ended. There are about 4 that I am currently watching now but haven't gotten the axe just yet! 

What are your favorite TV series of all time? 


  1. I just finished Season 2 of Sons of Anarchy and it only gets better! oh man, it has to be one of my favs.

  2. Sons of Anarchy was by far my favorite shows. I started watching it when season 2 was on tv. I thought it was just a dumb motorcycle show my boyfriend was in love with but when I actually started to watch I I became more of a fan than him. So sad it's over!

  3. I loved Parenthood. Is Brothers and Sisters like that at all?

    1. I've only watched a few episodes of Parenthood but from what I can gather it's the same concept many siblings and different story lines with the common theme of family and such..


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