15 January 2015

Recap of episode 2 of the Bachelor


"She thinks my tractor's sexy, it really turns her on."
Anyone else think of this song by Kenny Chesney when the first group date of girls did this as their date? haha! 

I must say it was nice to see that all of these girls looks NORMAL (aka have meat on their bones, you can see imperfections and yet they are all still so beautiful!) Yay for NO photoshop! 

I am CONVINCED that this girl is stuck around for a while on the show just to piss off viewers. Anyone in their right mind knows there is no way a Kardashian wannabe would enjoy life on a farm away from a city or mall **cough cough** Ashley the virgin I. Can you just see her trying to help him on the farm as her huge falsies fall off her eyelids? Gross! 

This poor girl. How did not come up in her date how young she is? Chris must really view her as older, but by how she babbled on, I don't think Chris was all that into her, even though he gave her a rose, I feel like he did it for pity! 

And the other Ashley....holy cray cray! 

I'm sorry, but I think the show probably makes the person as the bachelor keep them on just for viewing sake, not because they really stand a chance. I truly felt like she was on drugs watching her on their night time date. She had no idea what was going on. So freaking weird! 

I couldn't find a picture of it online, but I think Whitney is super cute after what she did with Chris right before the rose ceremony--they shared his favorite whiskey! How in the world she managed to find it while staying in the house all day is beyond me but it works! 


  1. I agree with everything you said, lol. I loved seeing that all the girls have different bodies and the show kind of embraced that. I can stand the Kardashian chick. I feel like Chris could be McKenzie's way older brother. & Ashley? He HAS to be keeping her around for the show... right?

  2. I actually went to high school with the weird Ashley!! So funny that she's on this show but I don't remember her being that weird!!

  3. I couldn't figure out what was going on with Ashley? Maybe she was drunk, but those on the show tried to exaggerate and make it seem like it was something more? Maybe drugs? At any rate, it angers me he kept for so long. I felt it was to cause more drama and make a fool out of her. I hope there's some answers with the after show ends.

    I liked the young girl (forget her name) and thought she was unique, but also questioned why her age never came up. She was very young. Then again, she acted more mature than the some of the older ladies on the show.


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