08 January 2015

Bachelor Season 19 oh my goodness!

Okay, I first and foremost have to say that the day my husband and I agreed to suspend our cable was the day my DVR was set to record the 3 hour show of Season 19's the Bachelor! I had to go to great lengths to watch it, seeing how ABC has this ridiculous rule of not letting people watch online on their webpage, until it has aired a WEEK after it's original air date! Who makes up these rules!? Just plain awful I tell you!


I LOVED Chris on Andie's season of the bachleorette. I wanted him to win so bad, in fact he was the only reason I watched Andie's season just simply for the fact I was never a fan of Andie. I almost didn't watch her season! Of course at the end of the day I am super happy she didn't pick him because now he has the chance to be with a real gem!

Let's get down to business shall we?

Let's talk about the ever so instant attraction to this girl, Britt. 

I don't there is any denying that after seeing them right from the beginning that there was an instant attraction. I will say I think that that's all it is. I watched very closely to Britt's intro tape and watched her roam around the streets of LA and can honestly say I don't think someone from the busy town of LA would ever stay in small farm ville of Iowa. I think she's to free of a spirit, and while she probably says initially what Chris wants to hear, I just have this feeling they won't have much in common other than the intial attraction. 
Who's with me on this? :) 

I also really watched Chris' body language and facial expressions when these 2 got out of the limo. Megan the blonde, and Becca the light brown hair girl. 


Something tells me they will be in the show till the end. ( I have no idea if I'm right or not but hey it's just a feeling)

I think Whitney is adorable, but she has a very annoying voice to me for some reason, did anyone else think that? It was like a baby talk voice that people do with their pets! 

I think that Kaitlyn is naturally gorgeous but man when you say on national television that you'd let him "plow your fields anyday" I hardly call this a girl you'd want to take home to meet the parents.

and this girl known as big eyes Amanda, is a little to potty mouthed for my liking. 

I did feel like this season is all about the Models and pageant girls but I just don't see any of those air brushed beauties being a farmers wife and in it for the long haul, can any of you?

Tell me your thoughts!


  1. I can't believe I'm actually watching again this year for the first time in ages!! I agree with you, I liked Britt, but I am not sure the "it" factor for them as a couple is there. The Megan girl is from Nashville and a friend of a friend is really close to her and says she is really really sweet so I hope she goes far. Can't lie, I'm also liking Whitney, though I'm with you on the voice...eeeekkkk

  2. I like Brit.. Instant attraction works for awhile.. Hopefully it will hold. I agree Whit has the most annoying voice ugh.. She's probably in it for awhile too.. I made my first Bachelor Bracket at the office.. We shall see who wins!

  3. I think my favorite so far was the widow. I was seriously dying of embarrassment for drunk girl (I haven't memorized their names yet!).


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