28 July 2013

My Summer Series

So each summer I try to watch a TV show's whole series.  Last summer I watched Friday Night Lights and Lost. The summer before that I think it was The Wonder Years (which I actually own on DVD)

This summer, as of yesterday, I watched all six seasons of Party of Five.

I absolutely LOVED and still love that show. I think I was so drawn to it, since it was filmed from 1994-2000 my prime "teen" years. I related most to the character of "Claudia" played by Lacey Chabert. In real life she is the same age as me, and as her character on TV she was 11, in 1994 I was only 2 years older so I seemed to gravitate towards her.

The house is one of my all time favorite TV houses.

Here's a pic of the house in 1994
And a pic of it today

2311 Broadway
San FranciscoCA 94199
The house recently was for sale for for the sum of 7.2 million dollars

You can check out pictures of the inside here

Here's the opening clip for season 1 if you have never seen or heard of the show!

Speaking of famous houses, apparently down the street is another famous house. The house that was used in Mrs. Doubtfire!


I've never been to San Fran, but as most tourists, these 2 houses as well as seeing the "Painted Ladies" are on my list of places to see!


  1. I love doing this! I just watched the new Dallas series and totally wishing there was more! I've heard Lost and Friday Night lights are good too!

  2. The house is really cute, but for $7.2 million, that seems a little excessive, although I suppose I could see why.


  3. You know I've been in SF a lot and seen the painted ladies but never realized these two houses were so close! I'm going to have to add them to my list of things to see the next time I go over.


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