30 July 2013

Anyone Remember Katie Wright?

When I was much younger...14 when this came out,(the film is called A secret between friends also called when friendship kills)

 I remember watching about the friendship between Lexie and Jen (actors Katie Wright and Marley Shelton) and learning what an eating disorder is for the first time.

I remember wondering how girls could do this to themselves. For a girl who loathes throwing up, bulimia was NEVER a thought that came to my mind. I cry over the fact if I ever get sick enough to actually throw up from the flu or the thought of having to get my head that close to the toliet makes me want to get sick.

The whole movie is on Youtube if anyone wants to take a stroll down memory lane.

What led me to even talk about this?

I was watching Malibu Shores. (A Show that lasted ONE season created by Aaron Spelling lead stars were Keri Russell and Neve Cambell's brother Christian Campbell) anyway Keri Russell's best friend in the series is Katie Wright, and upon seeing her face in the show I said hey, she's the girl from the eating disorder movie I watched as a kid!

The movie is sad, but so true for so many young and even women my age who don't eat and think bones are attractive rather than muscle. 

And another random tidbit,
Marley Shelton has a daughter named WEST. No I didn't make that up. Wikipedia if you want!
Think she'll call Kim K for a playdate with North? hahahahahah

Now on to research to see if there are any other celeb babies named East and South? LOL


  1. I used to love that movie... I haven't seen it in ages! Going to YouTube now!

  2. OMG, that's crazy! Why are people doing this to their children!!!

    I Pink i Love You

  3. Hahaha I remember that movie! I was so intrigued... thinking who pukes to be skinny?


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