27 July 2013

Mixed Emotions


I am feeling mad/sad/frustrated at the moment. Most of these feelings are due to my toe being broken and the fact that I have been completely couch bound for the last week or so. I feel like I've done to much to quick. What I mean is, I have been told to stay off my foot as much as possible. Well, when your summer job is to nanny 2 twin six year olds, that makes it quite difficult to "stay off" of anything as in most of the day is spent going here or going there. I'm not walking on it without wearing aircast, but I am fearful that even with the cast that I am not staying off of it as much as I should. Over the past 2 days or so I've reverted to my couch potatoe ways which means I literally haven't gotten up off the couch other than to eat or go pee. 

I have a check up on Wednesday, which they will x ray my foot again to see if my toe is healing. I am just worried I won't be "healed" in time before the kids come back to school. Not to mention I have to set up my classroom 5 days before my students come back. This is quite the challenge considering I have a lot to get out of cabinets and moving back and forth in my room to set things up. I'm trying not to stress myself out over this, I mean it's a toe for cryin out loud. I guess the point is, don't take your functioning limbs for granted. I just am hoping that even though I am still feeling pain 3 weeks later, that I am healing and not in need of a pin in my toe which could set me back even more. 

On the social media front I feel like I haven't had much to say, which is why I haven't been on twitter or blogging or even instagramming photos. Is it okay to say sorry but I'm not sorry for my pretty laying low life right now? Sometimes I get so lost in trying to "keep up" with bloggers and their travels and purchases and this and that. A girls got to catch her breath I suppose. Anyway, that's where I'm at in all of this. 


  1. keep your chin up darling!

  2. Sending positive thoughts your way!

  3. thinking of you! I had knee surgery in 2009 and I was on crutches for months on end, I felt so silly for being depressed on missing out on fun adventures with friends/work/life in general so I'm glad to know that is a normal feeling! Hoping your report from the x-ray comes back better!

  4. Awe so sorry girl but toes are vital and no one realizes it. My mom broke hers and it threw off her cyatic (sp) nerve which created a spiral effect of issues.. Stay off it what needs to be done will be taken care of. Take care of you first!

  5. Aw, I'm sorry you've been having a rough time! Hang in there. I'm sure the doctor will give you some good news.


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