22 July 2013

Decorating Decisions

In a few short weeks, it will be one year of living in our first home together. With that being said, we haven't done much decorating as many of you home owners know, when you buy your first home, you kinda sink every penny you have into your house.

The hubby and I spend a lot of time in our family room and it's the one room I really really want semi done (decorated). This has been such a challenge since we sold our old entertainment center, our old couch, basically all our old decor! Who knew starting over would be so hard!?

It all started with me seeing these chairs and HomeGoods.

I had been talking to my stepmom about the challenge I felt with this room and she was recommending how we need a statement piece for our living room. Well when we made it to CO last weekend, I showed her these chairs and she said Yes, those are exactly what you need! I actually called HomeGoods in AZ all the way from CO to see if the chairs were still there. Sadly a man on the phone told me no, they were already gone. I was bummed. I finally had the hubby convinced with the coaching of my stepmom that these would be great and then poof they weren't available anymore.

Well on the day we got back to AZ, and picked up Aspen from boarding, I told the hubby that I Just had to stop in to HomeGoods (right next to our petsmart) just to see for myself if the chairs were in fact really gone.

Those exact chairs were gone, but in their exact spot where two chairs same pattern but a little bit wider! I was jumping for joy! Ran out to our car, told the hubby, he said okay, and then I got to bring these home with me a few days later! 

I hate that the I phone takes crappy pictures inside and whenever I photograph anything black it always looks snowy. Does this happen to anyone else? booo.



I like these accent pillows for our couch from Etsy. 
Screen Shot 2013-07-20 at 6.14.49 PM
I'd like to find some oblong pillows for the chevron chairs but so far no luck. How many pillows and how many different designs should one have on a couch anyway? I don't think 3 is enough for the whole couch, perfect for one side of the couch, but what about the other side? The exact same 3 pillows down at the other end? I need some pointers!

I really love this lamp from Potterybarn, but it's a little to expensive.

 It's on sale and still a little to much budget wise, and it's on back order till NOVEMBER. Would any of you wait that long to get a lamp?

Well if any if you have any decor tips or see anything online going with this theme of mine, do let me know! :)  


  1. I love the new chairs that you bought--and love that they are even bigger than the original ones (extra large rumps will appreciate that! haha).
    I dunno that I'd wait that long for a lamp. I'd check out places like Target and even some thrift stores and you might find something really unique at a better price!

  2. Hahahah.. this is the most awesome post ever! I am the same way. My bf rolls his eyes at me. I love the chevron print of these chair... actually they would look killer in my room... MUST have!!!! xo


  3. Love the chairs! They look great! You should check out the blog Copy Cat Chic. She posts a ton of home decor "dupes"... maybe she can even help you find a good dupe for the lamp!

  4. I am obsessed with those chairs. I need to find a spot for them in my house right now. You did great styling them. That lamp is amazing but now sure about waiting THAT long. People must really, really love it. I don't blame them though.

  5. I cannot wait to decorate. We close on our first home in 5 days! But like you said so much of our money is going to the actually house, not sure how much I'm going to really have left over for decorating. Love the chairs! They are perfect.

  6. I am really bad at decorating...or more envisioning a room and then finding things that actually work together. I feel like I need to start talking to an interior decorator or having mood boards created because I tend to up with a slew of fairly random things! I also have a hard time spending money on certain items...like lamps! They are so stinking expensive but they really do add some nice detail to a room.

  7. Totally know what you mean.. My old house wasn't decorated for years.. Still wasn't painted when I left. But slowly it will.. Looks good so far.. Love the chairs!

  8. eeek I loved that chair on IG when you posted it! So glad you got it (and so glad I didnt see it in the store because I would have wanted it and I dont have a place for it haha!)

  9. We've been trying to do some decorating in our house, too... On top of some minor remodeling projects. It can really be stressful!!

  10. Love the ideas!
    Photography note for ya- the snowy look comes from the phone's ISO setting being too high- you should be able to go into the camera settings and adjust the ISO down so that grainy-ness goes away :) play aeound with 200 or 300, that should clear it up a bit!

  11. Love the ideas! And the lamp is gorgeous... I'd wait it out!
    So I'd try changing your phone's camera ISO settings (most smart phones have about 100-800 in the camera options) which is probably causing that snowy-ness! Try a lower number, 200 or so, to see if it clears that grain up a bit- I hope that helps!

  12. You can find some really great stuff at HomeGoods! Also try Marshalls because they have tons of table top decorations. As for the pillows try Cost World Market! They've got some great ones. I have about 4 pillows on my couch but it's a sectional.


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