17 July 2013

Book Review!

I finally finished "Fly Away" by Kristin Hannah, the sequel to Firefly Lane. It was so heart wrenching and real. For someone who lost their mother at a young age, I could definitely relate to the teenage daughter character Marah and how lost she felt. 


Don't read this if you haven't read Firefly Lane first. You'll kinda be lost and not get the full story on the characters.

I really liked that this book turned it's focus onto Tully's mom "Cloud" and her life story to help us readers understand why in the world Cloud pretty much abandoned Tully. 

Great read and I definitely recommend it to others!


  1. I just finished this too! Loved it. I actually started Firefly Lane, because you recommended it!

  2. ohhhhh good, I am almost done Firefly Lane and now I have my next book in queue! thanks!

  3. I'm looking for another good book. I will have to check this out although I'm a huge "break out and cry" kind of gal... lol

    I Pink i Love You

  4. I recently finished Firefly Lane and was wondering how this one would compare. It's on my to-read list, definitely looking forward to it now!


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