30 June 2012

Summer Tune

I am OFFICIALLY on my summer break! teaching summer school ended for me on Thursday, so I get a little R & R ! 

[Flash 9 is required to listen to audio.]

Love Ray Lamontagne's voice. He is just very soothing to listen to!

 The Lorax. My kiddos watched the ORIGINAL Dr. Suess Cartoon on YouTube since the new movie isn't out on video yet. Plus the original is only 26 min long! 
My 1st/2nd 2nd/3rd combo classes made these. 

 Rizzi Buildings
Students learned about the artist James Rizzi.
Google if you are not familiar with his work! 
This lesson had a ton of vocab and discussion about cities!
All grades did this one.

 4th/5th Grade I stepped it up a bit with some Literature Enrichment. Students learned about the Quetzal Birds. We then read the poem by Maya Angelou and discussed what it meant. 
Students also looked at examples of bird cages and had to draw their own. Birds and cages were drawn on separate pieces of paper.
Birds were colored/shaded with Oil Pastels

This one is my FAVE! a second grader drew this!!! :) His talent astounds me!

And there you have it friends! No more art posts till school resumes (I'd say Sept you can expect art to re show up!)



  1. Those are amazing... I am with you on that last one - incredible! I can't believe he's a second grader!!

  2. love all the art! those birds are so sweet :) you have such a fun job! xo


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