22 June 2012

Art: Summer School Enrichment Projects

I've been teaching summer school art for the past 3 weeks! We have one wk left till I am "officially" on summer break! 

Here's what we have been working on thus far! 

My kiddos range from 1st grade (about to be in Second grade) up to my 4th graders (about to be in 5th grade) I have the most kiddos in the 2nd/3rd grade slot



  1. LOVE all of your projects with the kids! Always like seeing them on IG!

  2. Cute projects! I didnt know they did summer school for elementry! Is it just a special program for art?

  3. Love the burger project! That reminds me of that Jimmy Buffett song, "Cheeseburger in Paradise." I like mine with lettuce and tomato! :)

  4. I love the hamburger project!!! I think that is adorable!! How do you think of all these neat ideas?!

  5. LOVE the first project. I might try that at home with my kids. So cute!

  6. Love that woven alligator! Perhaps will do that with my kiddos this summer and if I don't get it in then we'll slip it in when we do Alligators vs. Crocodiles during the school year :-) Thanks!


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