16 June 2012

Bachelorette Recap

Between wedding stuff and buying our first home, needless to "notice" that blogging has taken the back seat for me lately! Sorry bout that friends! It's been the first time in 3 years of blogging for me that I've really been not a consistent blogger. I swore the whole life got in the way bit would never happen to me, but somehow it has!

I used to be the bachelor/bachelorette recap guru and have been totally slacking about writing my posts, however I am still watching each Monday night! 

Sayonara to Kalen. 

Anyone that makes a joke or says anything about kids as "baggage" deserves the tongue lashing they get, esp from Emily! They were never a fit in my book! 

There is something funny about the contestant Ryan.

Easy on the eyes yes, but he just doesn't seem to have the "dad" potential that I think Emily is looking for. He rubs a lot of the guys the wrong way, and I just feel like he's like a Kalen, but older and meaner.

I read a rumor in a mag

did y'all read this?
Life & Style Magazine reported that Roberto Martinez, ex fiance' to Ali Fedotowsky will be the next bachelor!
I follow Ali on FB and twitter, and she watches the show religiously. I can't see her watching her ex fiance' considering how painful their romance/breakup/engagement really was. 

Oh and remember 2 seasons ago on Ashley H. season I found that Bad boy Bentley's ex wife had a blog?

Can still read it here
(it no longer has pics of Bentley and her up like it did a year ago when I first found it!)

I found out that the adorable Sean 
photo from here

(who's currently a top contender for Emily Maynard right now on the show) has a sister who blogs! Her name is Shay and you can read her blog here (she does blog about Sean and being on the show! cool points in my book!) She has the cutest kiddos with awesome names! 



  1. I love this season because I'm a big fan of Emily. That's cool that you were able to find Sean's sisters blog! Oh and I totally agree about Kahlan. Didn't like him from the start.

  2. I really like Sean- and I think Emily does too! he's the front runner in my mind...him and Jef! I wonder what's going to happen with Arie next week...

  3. If Roberto is the bachelor I can't see Ali watching. I think if she doesn't she'll only be doing it to stay in the limelight longer.


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