23 June 2012

Name Change!

I changed the name of my blog---- AGAIN! 

To be honest, I keep finding many blogs titled, "Happiness Is" this or that and blah blah.... 

So I decided to do what I should of done in the beginning--keep it the same as my twitter name.

My Oh My--That's me on twitter. I've never changed my name on twitter the entire 2 plus years I've had it and thus don't plan to change my name on blogger anymore. Same names just make it easier for ppl to find one on social networking anyway. 

Now if only the user on instagram who took my MYOHMY would give up her name, then life would be good! 

Please, if you have my blog in your blog roll/list, would y'all be so kind to take a minute to update my correct new name as well as grab my new button? 

Button Code is on the side of my page! 

Thank ya kindly! 



  1. i like it!! & i agree I am thinking I should change my twitter name to my blog name too! Have a great weekend!!

  2. Loving the name change!!! I made my blog in 2008 and there weren't any other Think Happy Thoughts around (I looked) and now I sometimes think I could have a new name - but I have NO clue what it would be.

  3. The new name is gonna take some getting use to however its still cute & I love it just as much as the old one :)

  4. I love the name change! Love the My oh My :)

  5. Yay for the new name! Love it!! That's why I changed mine...There were a million "Happily Ever Afters!"

    Anyway, wanted to let ya know, Miss My Oh My, that I tagged you for an award. I haven't done one in a long time....so if you have writer's block & can't think of anything to blog about, answer the ?s from the award for us! I'd love to know your answers anyway... :)


  6. I like it! Hope she gives up the instagram!


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