15 November 2017

Oh Snap!

About 2 weeks ago I did a huge instastory on instagram on hookless shower curtains
My apologies for not getting a blog post up on this sooner, but new mom and all my little one had my hands full quite literally! 

So if you recall, I mentioned that when we moved from AZ to OH we went from having glass shower doors back to having shower curtains in our bathrooms in our new home. As a new mom, every second of my "free" time is usually spent trying to play catch up on housework! One of those daily chores for me is keeping a clean bathroom. I was actually dreading having to unhook all the hooks from the curtain in the bathroom to wash the liner. In Ohio, mold can grow quickly from high moisture collection from not being able to dry fast enough. This was never an issue in the dry desert of Arizona let me tell you! Anyway, I literally groaned at having to spend 15 plus minutes unhooking the dang curtain and separating the liner from the curtain. 

Insert Hookless shower curtains! So the previous owner left us two brand new shower curtains which happened to be hookless! that's right! I was able to unsnap the liner in a matter of 2 minutes or less and throw them in the wash! I couldn't believe how effortless it was! Of course I was kicking myself saying gah, why didn't I think of something so simple to invent! Seriously game changer if you are a busy mom like me who doesn't want to spend more minutes than necessary cleaning! 

I have linked a few options above! 

Or you can click here or here! or here

I hope this helps all of you who sent me messages asking about it! :) 

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