21 November 2017

Christmas Cards Past

How many of you hang on to old Christmas cards from friends and family and have them just lying around or in a box? 

If you could see me behind the screen, you'd see me raising my own hand! I love a good Christmas craft and a friend of mine shared on instagram a cool way of displaying all those cards from years past! 

It's quite simple, and you can totally modify this craft in so many different ways! 

Everything is linked to help you find items! 

Step 1- Organize all your cards by years (this can be tricky if you have cards that go back the last 10 years especially if there is no date on them! 

Step 2- Hole punch a corner of all you cards. You pick the side left or right

Step 3- Write years on tag with Sharpie

Step 4- place cards on binder ring

Step 5- Add ribbon or any decor you chose to  jazz up those rings! 

Step 6- DISPLAY them somewhere in your home! 

And there you have it friends! Happy old holiday card organizing and crafting! 

*Photo credit to Jenn Roberts a friend on instagram from blog world for the idea and for her photo! 

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