29 November 2017

Just call me Mrs. Clean Mrs. Clean

Okay so about 6 months ago back in Arizona, I was over at a neighbors house who has 2 large dogs. I had taken off my shoes inside her condo and I couldn't get over how clean her floors felt against my bare feet! I asked her what her secret was and she told me all about this mop!

If you guys have followed me on snapchat you've seen and heard my rant on how much I LOVE this mop and what a difference it's been on my floors. I had been using the disposable Swiffer wet jet but my floors NEVER felt or looked clean. Enter this mop!  

I do think that part of it's secret is using this cleaner  (which you can pick up at any Target or walmart or amazon!) 

I went from having Tile ceramic floors in AZ to real wood floors in OH and it works great on both surfaces! With a wood floor, always be careful that you have REALLY wrung out your mop! That's key to a clean floor without damaging your wood! 

For those of you who follow me on snapchat, you often saw how often I was snapping me cleaning my floor. It's probably the one thing I am super diligent about when it comes to cleaning. I just despise a dirty floor! I used to hate mopping like you wouldn't believe, but now it's kind of fun esp when you have a mop that cleans so effortlessly! 

And the mop head is SUPER easy to clean you just pop it off and throw it in the washing machine! I have yet to even buy a replacement head and I mop once a week! 

Hope this helps some of you! All 3 good friends of mine who have gotten this mop after I suggested it have loved it! 

Mop can also be purchased here 

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