18 November 2017

Gift Guide: For the tech savvy

We all know someone who is really into technology and gadgets right? For myself personally, that would be my hubby! The great thing about technology is that it is always evolving. There is always a newer something being released that is always a little bit better than the last model of say a computer, phone etc etc.

To keep it affordable (REMEMBER teacher  here I'm on a budget always!) here are my top picks for gifts for the tech savvy friends/family members!

 So first up is a fit bit! If you dont have a FitbitFitbit Alta Fitness Tracker, Special Edition Gold, Black, Small (US Version) you've gotta get one! It's a great motivator to let you know if you've been sitting to long and need to move around! I've had my fitbit for a few years now, I would like to upgrade to this model as shown! 

Next up is a Shower Speaker This is a personal favorite of my hubby. This has also served as a great pool speaker in the summer. This thing is very durable, waterproof as it's primarily used in the shower in our home!
How many of you lose your misplace your keys at least once a week? Guilty! Probably more of my hubby's doing than mine, he always asks have you seen my keys? to which I usually then have to get up, help him look and backtrack to retrace his steps to find them! This Tracking Tag has a nice masculine look to it, so any hubby or boyfriend can have it on their key ring!

Next up is this sleek looking  Phone charger! I love the way it stands up on a slant! Takes up a very small amount of space!
For all you selfie photo takers out there, or perhaps a teenager needing a gift this  Selfie IPhone Case is for you! Lights up to give you that perfect lighting in your photo!

Lastly, I really liked this unqiue find for anyone who has an Ipad. This  I pad cardboard stand gives any modern I pad that vintage look. Very cool in my opinion!



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