27 August 2012

What I've been up to....

The number one question I get asked as of lately is, "So, how's married life?"

I could be rude and say the same as it was before we were married! LOL

But I always reply "It's great!"

Because it is. We LOVE our new house. Owning a home is a lot of work. 
I find myself being way more conscious about little things.  Such as not wearing shoes in the house, and making sure that I'm not letting crumbs on the floor. Sweeping and cleaning way more often too. No landlord anymore to run to for the small stuff, we have to care of it all on our own! 

I've been busy trying to put together a gallery wall.

 Not anywhere near being done just yet. I'll keep ya posted as to when it's complete!

 We finally got a new couch which is wide enough for one to lay down on comfortably! Woo hoo!
Gotta get a coffee table eventually! 

Over the weekend we picked up this little beauty from Pier 1 to go with the mirror that I decided NOT to hang over our brown entryway table. If you follow me on instagram, then you saw my comments about mixing brown and black were all over the place! So, I just opted to move the mirror into a different room and get a little table to go with it. Now what to put on the table, no clue! 

Hubs and I finally had a little date night (Sunday night but who says a Sunday night can't be a date night!)

I've actually been battling a back to school cold if you will. Basically had the common cold since Thursday from being re-exposed from all the "germs" that my little kiddos bring with them to school! So since I was under the weather all weekend, we went out Sunday, when I was feeling better!

This yellow dress was suppose to make the trek to Hawaii for our wedding/Honeymoon, but didn't make it in time! It got delivered the day we left! So I put it to good use and wore it out for our date!

Dress is from Impressions Boutique same with necklace! 

baby girl always gives kisses to her mama!

And there you have it!  



  1. Your house is looking great so far! I mentioned it on your instragram before but I love how the wall framing is coming about and I love the mirror! Also, the yellow dress is so cute! too bad it didn't come on time, at least you are still getting use out of it though!


  2. haha if i had a nickel for every time somebody asked "so, how's married life?" i'd be a rich, rich beeeitch.

    your dress is super cute! you look great in it :)

    and good call on not mixing the brown and the black- never been a fan myself. that mirror looks so good where you put it!

  3. LOVE LOVE the yellow dress....gorgeous!! Hope you're enjoying being back at school!:)

  4. LOVE your dress! So cute! I am a huge fan of the one shoulder look! Looks like the house is coming along nicely! I wanna and need to do a photo wall!

  5. The house looks amazing! And I love that yellow dress!

  6. Omgee pretty lady, can I have your hair?

  7. you looked gorgeous for date night my dear!!!!

  8. love this little update! your house is perfection...i'm a fan of black and white! and sweet aspen is adorable as always!

  9. a lot of gorgeousness going on in this post! your picture wall looks great, I'm really trying to tackle that project in my apt sometime in the near future! Absolutely love that yellow dress, what a great color on you!

  10. The dress is gorgeous and perfect for these summer months! And I love the necklace pairing!

  11. Loving the mirror! And your gallery wall, too! That M is awesome! :) I have to admit, that's one thing I REALLY want to do.. is anything with initials! But, it's dumb until we get married.. or at least engaged (God-willing)...haha.. You look gorgeous in that yellow dress + necklace btw!!!

  12. That couch looks super comfortable and can fit a ton of peeps! PERFECT!

  13. I seriously love your style; so classy and feminine!

    It's so fun to see photos of your new home coming together; we have black furniture and accent pieces too, so I kind of think we're cool like that. ;)

    Hope you're having a great week, pretty lady!


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