20 August 2012

What I learned about Kauai

What I learned about Kauai

Random Hawaii facts

 Tribal tattoos are NEVER considered a fad of the past. 

Seriously they were on every one, man woman, teens! You name it!

Random Fact #2: All bikinis sold in Kauai have no BOTTOMS to the butt part of the swimsuit. Saw LOTS of cheeks on the beach. Gahhh
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Kauai has a two lane highway that doesn't go all the way around the island. This is a traffic nightmare in my opinion!

People are NOT in any hurry. People don't honk, give the finger or even speed. I kid you not! The hubs and I were in shock when we stalled at a green light for a few seconds after it had turn green! No one got "angry."

 Weird right?

Kauai has only 60,000 people that live there.
They have ONE walmart. ONE! 

There is NO mall. They have a Macys. That's it! 

Gas is ridiculously expensive. It was 4.69 when we were there. 

Although beautiful, and great for a vacation, I quickly knew that I could never "Live" on an island such as Hawaii. The fear of something happening really freaked me out. You can't just leave so to speak. You're stuck! I remember reading about a few bloggers that live in Hawaii explaining how panicked the island became when they had the after math of the Japan Tsunami was supposedly going to affect the Hawaiian Islands. 

Any of you ever experience these or notice these things if you've been to Kauai?



  1. L.O.L. A few years back when we went to Kauai, I got a bikini at a little boutique there. I didn't try it on and when I got home to wear it, it basically went up my ass! It doesn't cover ANYTHING! Rob was so mad that I paid so much for a bikini that I will probably never wear, unless I lose 100 pounds!!

  2. I noticed the same thing about drivers not being angry when we went on our honeymoon. People there drove crazy but it didn't seem to bother anyone, they were so laid back!


  3. sheesh! that's hardly a bathing suit ;) it's like half of one! haha...

    did you guys go to any other islands? I hope I make it to Hawaii one day!

  4. I totally had the same feeling in Maui about being trapped! But it didnt sink in until we went to the top of the volcano and you can totally see water surrounding you on all sides. For some reason, it just hit me and my heart skipped a beat. And I AGREE about people in Hawaii going so slowly! It's nice..especially when you get on their slow time by the end of a long trip, but it's definitely an adjustment! :)

  5. I've never been to maui myself but like you, I need my shopping! Couldn't do without a mall, haha

  6. I live on Oahu and that is one thing that I realized here while driving is that no one is honking at your or giving you the finger.. Its pretty chill here which is a nice change! People in Walmart are even nice! LOL


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