10 August 2012

Video from our trip

Facebook actually took down this video which really made me mad! They didn't take down the other Video Star video I made on my birthday so I'm not sure what the deal is. 
Anyhow, we only shot 2 small super short clips from our trip. Videos are such a pain to upload! 

This was 2 days before our wedding, when we actually saw Shipwreck beach for the first time. It was then we knew this was the beach we wanted to be married on! 

IMG 2207 from C Mae on Vimeo.

This second video is of my brother (he's 25) and is a self taught guitar player! He learned from YOUTUBE video tutorials! I mean really?!!? 

I'll explain more about the Ukulele later in another post, but I thought I would share this little diddy he played for us! 



  1. It's so cute to hear your voice! It's not what I imagined!!

    1. I sound warped when ever my voice is taped LOL

  2. It looks like it was beautiful!
    And your brother is amazing!! I can't believe he taught himself!

  3. My Friend lived near shipwreck! I always have wanted to visit there!

  4. You're brother is amazing, and super cute! :)

  5. Ok so this is TOTAL blonde moment, but when I read Shipwreck beach I was actually waiting while watching the video for an actual ship wreck to happen. :( I embarrass myself!!

    ANYWAY hahahah Shipwreck BEACH looks amazing! So gorgeous!!

  6. Why did facebook make you take that down?! Lame. I love it! You look so happy and adorable! Love when you wave and then point at the beach... super cute! I wish we made more videos from our trip!

    Oh and your brother is really good! Crazy that he taught himself!


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