13 August 2012

Vintage is Classy

So the hubs and I (saying or wring Hubs is such a new thing for me! Takes some getting used to!) went to try out a groupon in Scottsdale, called 5th and Wine. This place served water in a vintage glass milk bottle! We were both so enamored by this, that we even asked our server about the maker of the glass and where they bought them from! Rick is always having to get up from the dinner table to get more to drink (we usually drink just water and iced tea)

He was immediately on board when I mentioned we should look for some for our house! 

The problem occurred when we went to the manufacturer's direct site. They only sell in Bulk :( :( 
96 bottles for $500 bucks? I don't think so! 

So I searched around on the web and found a company that sells the StanPac and was able to purchase a few individually! woo hoo! 

Anyone else go out to eat somewhere and fall in love with the dining dishes or glasses? 



  1. i love this idea! what's the link where you found yours?

  2. We went to a wine bar once and they had water glasses made out wine bottles that were cut in half. We loved them, and they told us where they ordered them from and now we are the owners of 8 of those glasses :)

  3. such a great idea! our meals consisted of paper plates and plastic forks this weekend because of the move, ha! ps - loved following your wedding on instagram and how excited was aspen to see you guys?!

  4. We went to Australia and New Zealand in 2010 and they serve tap water in these bottles (http://www.freshpromotions.com.au/products/one-litre-glass-water-bottles1.jpg), which I love -- such a great, CUTE, environmentally friendly way to always have cold water! I searched high and low when we got back, even online, and had a really difficult time finding them (just try googling glass water bottle, it wasn't an easy task to find any, and even those were super expensive). I stopped in The Container Store not too long afterward and found out that they're called hermetic bottles (http://www.containerstore.com/shop?productId=10029940&N=&Ntt=glass+bottles). I am now the proud owner of one, but I would love to have several -- one for water, one for juice, one for tea, the possibilities are endless!

  5. We went to Australia and New Zealand in 2010 and every restaurant we went to served tap water out of these really pretty bottles (http://uploads.notempire.com/images/uploads/Untitled-1-1563.jpg). They're so cute, and are a practical and environmentally-friendly way to always have cold water in the refrigerator. I searched high and low, even online, for glass water bottles when we got back, but it's not an easy task to find the ones I was looking for, especially any that weren't super expensive. I was in The Container Store a bit later and found out that they're called hermetic glass bottles, and brought one of these (http://www.containerstore.com/shop?productId=10029940&N=&Ntt=glass+bottles) home with me, and it is currently in my refrigerator filled with water! Eventually, I would like to have several -- one for juice, one for tea, one for lemonade (I only really drink water, but I think they're especially cute for entertaining)!

  6. I love 5th and Wine the atmosphere is adorable! I have a couple milk bottle type glasses and I love them! I filled them with fall candy corns for decoration and they were super cute! BTW are you going to the meet up on the 21st?

  7. There is an Italian place here that we frequent for the Muffulettas. They sell their delicious sweet tea in huge goblets and C bought a few. He was impressed because it can fit a whole beer.


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