19 July 2012

No Doubt

Settle Down by No Doubt on Grooveshark 
No Doubt is back! in case you haven't heard their new tune, click the widget above to give it a listen! It's super catchy and I gotta admit, I really like their new song! They haven't changed their sound which I think is so important for this band--it's what makes them so unique! It's got ska/reggae/dancehall sound to which is classic no doubt.
The album doesn't drop till Sept 25th! Oy! A whole month of torture! I wanna here more! 
Here's the video! 


  1. I didnt know they were back but I like the new song!

  2. I was so happy when I heard that No Doubt was back! I've loved them since the beginning of time. So exciting!

  3. Okay, so I heard their song on the radio the other day and thought to myself "wait, is this NO DOUBT?!" Your post just confirmed my suspension, and wow am I excited. Welcome back, Gwen Stefani. Hell yeah.

  4. I'm so happy they have a new album coming out!! No Doubt is one of my absolute favorites :)


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