26 July 2012

Eff Marry Kill: 1980s Edition


Men of the 1980s

Oh Michelle you never cease to disappoint me!!

Woot woot!

Brat Pack Edition

 My Picks:
John Cusack

Rob Lowe

Andrew McCarthy

If you haven't seen Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, St. Elmo's Fire,
Say Anything, Mannequin, Youngblood, then you are MISSING OUT! 

These stars were considered the "brat pack" of the 1980s. Meaning they were "elite" and in high demand for movies during this genre. 

Back Then in the 1980s I'd Eff: Rob Lowe
Marry: Andrew McCarthy
Kill: John Cusack (only bec he was kinda dweeby in a lot of his roles then!)

Eff: John Cusack (Hello have you seen Serendipity?! Gosh I love that movie with him and Kate Beckinsdale!)

Marry: Rob Lowe 

Kill: Andrew McCarthy (he hasn't aged well poor guy...alcohol abuse over the years will do that to you)

Some of you know my little obsession with Rob Lowe. Seriously adore the man. He is a fave of mine from then to now. I love that he is POLITICAL and stands up for what he believes in! 

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Who would you Eff? Marry? Kill? 



  1. I love your picks!

    In the 80's, I'd eff Rob Lowe, marry Andrew McCarthy, and kill John Cusak.

    Now, though? I'd eff AND marry Rob Lowe, and kill Cusak and McCarthy. (I can do that, right?)

  2. Great theme!!! I totally agree with your ‘80s and today choices!

    Stopping by from the linkup :)

  3. oooo john cusack is hot,plus he is from chicago so a ma after my own upbringing :)

    happy thurs!

  4. Rob Lowe still has it going on! Um Serendipity!? Favorite!

  5. I would kill all of them! I don't think any of them are good looking!

  6. Oh, I love Rob Lowe! Definite "marry" material!

  7. Haha I'd definitely want to keep Rob Lowe around. Hot!

  8. Mmmm....Rob Lowe.....be still my beating heart!!! I love the 80s!!!!!

  9. I love Rob Lowe!! I loved him when he was on West Wing too! Andrew was always so mean from Pretty in Pink!


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