09 July 2012

Happy Birthday America!

It rained here in Arizona on the 4th of July! To be quite honest, most of the AZ people I talked to were quite relieved! It's been so gosh darn hot the cool off was much needed!

 I got to wear my dress I got just special for the occasion at least to the movies! But not just any movie going experience, the IPIC theaters. These theaters cost around 15.00 per person to see a film and you sit in the most comfortable chairs ever! They recline and you even have a pillow and blanket to cuddle with while watching the movie! 

We Saw Ted starring Mark Wahlburg and Mila Kunis

It was pretty funny! There were several parts where I could not stop laughing! 

This was one of them! 
Think Snuggles the fabric softener!

In other news...
Michelle over at the Vintage Apple tweeted about this Stats website for instagram! 

 All of these lovelies are bloggers whom I Adore so it was no surprise that I seem to "like" their photos every chance I get! 

Did I mention how much I love my new .99 cent countdown app? It's called "Big Day"
definitely worth the almost dollar I paid for it! I loved that I was able to customize it with my own pictures of personal things going on in my own life! 

I conned myself into getting a new pair of tennies for the gym. It's been 2 years since I've bought a pair of gym shoes. I bought my ADIDAS hiking shoes a year ago those are in great shape, but I only wear them to hike outside in. I personally LOVE the neon yellow. I prefer to stand out a bit! Be different! Bright colors are extremely in right now! 

My Nautical Etsy bracelet came in! I was so excited! The seller as I mentioned before, was in China, and it took 2 weeks to get these beauties by mail! Worth the wait in my opinion!

If interested, search "infinitywish" on Etsy that's the seller's shop!

 And there you have it folks! Toodles!



  1. First of all, you are gorgeous girl and that dress is perfect! Glad I'm one of your fav igers :) And I can't leave a comment without saying how cute Aspen is...wish we lived closer so the fluffs could have play dates, haha :)

  2. How adorable is that dress?!?!? I love that & the new bracelet- you're right bc that was def worth the 2 week wait!
    Ps- definitely fixing to download that Big Day App ASAP! Soo fun!!

  3. Love the photos! And Eric really wants to see Ted. I was iffy about it, but glad you loved it. Makes me want to see it more. :) Your dress it too cute, girl! And hooray for your bracelets!!!

  4. How adorable is that dress on you?? I love that @ the pretty bracelet. Def worth the long wait! I'm now off to download that app to help keep my life in order :)

  5. I love that dress! Aspen is the perfect accessory! So cute!

    I prefer bright running shoes too, it makes me more excited to put them on :)

  6. You look so gorgeous!! I love your dress! And that bracelet...I need to get my hands on one of those!

  7. LOVE that dress, so perf for July 4th! And i'm pretty sure I need that bracelet!

  8. what a perfect outfit for the fourth of july. i can't believe i've heard such good things about ted. might just have to see it soon!
    xo TJ

  9. oh my gosh! haha! i hadn't seen a preview for that movie before. i never imagined a mouth like that on a little teddy bear!!

  10. i LOVE the bracelets! anything nautical themed, and i'm instantly hooked.

  11. this is amazing... and i checked out the shop -- it's amazing! and pretty cheap! good find! :)



  12. Loving that stack!!! You're so perrrrttyy :)

  13. I've GOT to see Ted, it looks so hilarious!

  14. You are so adorable, and those bracelets are gorgeous!


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