11 April 2012

Easter Weekend

The fiance' and I have been bad about taking pics lately.

We went hiking Easter weekend---Camelback Mountain to be exact. It was the second time for us to hike it since we first had met and since the first time Mister Wonderful had ever been to AZ let alone climb a beast of a mountain!

We forgot to take a picture of ourselves all dressed up in our easter best this year! Slacking I know! 

Anyhow, the goal is to hike a different mountain each weekend. We LOVE to hike. For me I'd rather hike each day than ever step foot in a gym. It's such a great work out.



  1. You are SO pretty C!!!!!!! Don't feel bad...hubs and I didn't take a pic of ourselves dressed up either. Maybe we will do a re-enactment. LOL!

  2. The scenery is stunning where you all were hiking! I'd love to go hiking more often because I agree, it's so much better than the gym!

  3. Gorgeous scenery and you two are so cute! Forrest would be jealous of your hike...there is not a mountain (or even a hill) in lower Bama :)

  4. Gorgeous pictures, looks like a beautiful hike!

    xx Emily @ laughliveandshop.blogspot.com

  5. I am right there with you on the hiking vs. going to a gym! I would rather do any activity then to go the gym. Swim, inter-mural sports, literally anything :)

  6. I was JUST telling Eric this weekend how I wished we had mountains..or even large hills.. to hike here (after I saw your photo). Everything is so flat here. I mean, it's gorgeous..and the sunsets are fantastic. But, the flatness. Blah. So impressed with your hiking!

  7. Love the goal of hiking up a different mountain. And the pics are breathtaking!

  8. gorgeous scenery!! I love hiking too. We have a pretty cool hiking trail here but its littered with rattlesnakes. Which I guess isn't much different than my own front lawn.

    anyway, are you so excited for Kauai?? We are going back in December and I CANT WAIT!!!!!!

  9. Love love love hiking with the hubs. You pic made me miss living in AZ! It's not quite hiking weather here yet. Where are you headed next?


  10. I have never been to Arizona! I definitely want to have a fun little trip down there when Will gets home!


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