07 April 2012

Book Review!

In one sitting, I finished this book:

Holy Moses.

I was only in 7th or 8th grade when I remember seeing/hearing about OJ Simpson and the famous car chase in LA from the police and how miraculously he was found "innocent". 


In my opinion, he murdered his wife, her friend, and totally got away with it just as Casey Anthony got away with murder of her daughter Kaylee.

What I gathered from this book:

*Money is power in hollywood. 

*without OJ's money, Nicole and her family would have been nothing.
*The Kardashians were a very big part in OJ and Nicole's lives.

* This book was published many years before they were a "famous" family( the Kardashians) and they were talked about a ton in this book.
I found that weird.


Did she deserve all the abuse?
NO. Absolutely not.

Am I completely disgusted that she had 6 deliberate miscarriages after her 2nd child because she didn't want another child by OJ? Yes. I'm disgusted that a man would tell his wife she's disgusting and fat when pregnant. Who does that?!?! Oh yeah, OJ did. 

Was she as guilty of cheating on him as he was on her?
Judging from this book, Oh yeah.

Two wrongs don't make a right, but I wouldn't peg her a this perfect holier than thou woman either. Any woman that runs 9 miles a day has to be brain washed by a man who thinks she can't get big if she's pregnant. 

The book jumps around a lot in years, but it was easy to follow.
The whole case is creepily fascinating and really really heartbreakingly sad. Check out the book if you are into reading about celebs, money, murder and the lives they secretly live.



  1. this sounds really interesting to me. I was pretty young when the whole thing happened, but I do know that I was shocked by the fact that he was eventually found innocent because all I heard was all the really incriminating evidence about him. And it really interests me to know more about their relationship, since it never came up (to my knowledge) before the murders. Definitely going to have to read this!

  2. how do you have a deliberate miscarriage? Is that abortion?

  3. I was in middle school too when this happened and I can remember us watching some of the car chase! I need to get this book. I still can't believe he was found innocent but I guess karma does come around because he's in jail now!


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