15 April 2012

busy bee busy me!

Just dropping all my readers a line....I have no blog posts planned for the week for the first time in 2 years.

Work has been extremely hectic, as I have 2 big upcoming art shows and I just have had no time or energy to blog about much of anything when I get home.

As soon as these events are over, I hope to resume to blogging normally! :) 

And can I just say, as a die hard Pom mom, I think this hair cut for poms is HIDEOUS?!?!

I just think the breed looks ridiculous with a hair cut like this! not to mention once you shave a pom's hair, it never grows back the same way meaning their hair quality changes.

Don't worry Aspen, Your mane shall always remain a mane on you! :) 



  1. hahaha that first cut is hilarious!! Love yours naturally grown out and pretty!!:)

  2. That is quite an...interesting...style for a dog. And I think that first dog knows it with a 'W.T.F' look on it's face!

  3. :):) Hahaha so funny! The first doggy is like:"why did you do this to me?"
    Good luck with your shows!

  4. Hahaha! I think that first one is soooo cute! It doesn't even look like it has paws...just little nubs!

  5. haha.. That first cut is hilarious! I love Aspen's hair and agree with you on the others. I don't over-groom Gracie either. The groomer always asks whether I want this or that and I just look at her like "Um.. just cut my dog's hair, please?" ha.. I guess some people are super picky about their dogs.

  6. Just stumbled on your blog from pinterest and was struck by how you are so similar to me...years ago that is...I'm 61. Your descriptors...lefty, art teacher, dog lover, book worm, sarcstic, introvert, homebody, lucky in love...yep, pretty much me. At your age, I was married and had two little girls already..and long red hair instead of blonde. Anyway, your booklist is similar too...I'm still most of those things except retired now, full time artist...my hair is a little shorter and I'm divorced...but happy and just where I want to be. Best to you!

  7. We actually have 2 Pomeranians. Our first one, I regret cutting her hair so soon, but I do think the first cut is very cute. With our 2nd puppy, Im so letting her hair grow out.


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