29 December 2011

Operation Skinny Bride

I think getting engaged was a good thing not only for Mister Wonderful & I, but a nice gentle wake up call that I really need to get back on track and head to our gym 5 days a week, if not more. 

Why don't I go every day like Mister Wonderful? 

2 reasons : laziness (hey let's face it! I'd rather lay on the couch and read your blogs than hit the gym!) 
and reason #2 is just pure tiredness from teaching all day then after school art. I'm usually exhausted. 

Really I just want to lose 7lbs--that's it! I know some of you are like really? that's Nothing! Should be a piece of cake right? 


For this chick? Not so easy! 

A while back MW and I did the whole Paleo diet for 2 months and it was HARD! No carbs no bread no nothing. I never really saw a weight difference. If you've never heard of the Paleo diet, click here to read more about it! 


This is where MW pipes up and says that I was doing "good" on it and had I worked on my consistency with going to the gym, I probably would have lost more weight! 

My lowest weight ever that I can recall

 was: 110 
in High School

Here I am in 1999 (Junior in HS) and at 110 lbs 
Ironically I only remember my weight from this year, bec it was the year I gave blood at school and they weighed me and told me my weight (and that was with clothes on!!) 

This is me in July 2009
(and the guy in the picture is just a FRIEND!!! lol He owned a boat, and thus a bunch of us would always get to go to the Yuma River on really hot days! This was also the year before I met Mister Wonderful
The first time I really noticed weight gain/change in my body 

Age here: 27
Weight: 128

This was me in 2010
This is me WITH MISTER WONDERFUL in Vegas! 
Weight here: 130

This is me today:

Brace yourself!!!!!

I had Mister Wonderful take these!

Current weight: 131


Gross right? Well it is for me. It's not what I "should" weigh even though technically if you look up someone my height which is 5'8" in case any of you are wondering...

I'm actually in the bracket of what someone my height and age is suppose to weigh..

How I still fit into my size 28 jeans and size 4 pants from Express and Limited I don't know.
Clearly my weight gain is all in my sides aka SADDLE BAGS. The worst place to gain it! 

So what would I like to go back to?

See picture below!

Rewind to 2006-2008 (my glory years hahah)

Weight: 124-126 lbs


I am so sorry if I grossed some of you out with all these bathing suit pictures of myself. I am not a vain person, as most of you who follow me know I don't post pictures of my self all that often on here. 

They were not "easy" to post, and definitely putting myself out there. 

I know many of you will say size 4 is small! 130 is small! All true statements, but for someone that was 124-126 to jump up to the 130 range 

it's a size difference, and thus makes me feel very, "heavy" and need to realize that I am going to have to be one of those girls who has to WORK to maintain my weight...that my early 20 days are over! 



  1. 1. i think you look great in those two pictures after your HS pic; the one with the random guy and the one with MW; i currently weight the same as you but am 1 inch shorter; i think we both carry it differently..but i totally understand what you are going through; you are extremely brave to post those pictures of your "now" and i totally think you look great but i UNDERSTAND why you want to lose more, especially because i do and people always say "size 4 and 27 jeans, you dont need to lose weight" and its not as much losing weight as it is that i want to tone, and slim down the saddlebag/thigh areas. i want to have more tone in my arms. and 7 pounds is totally attainable, especially in the months that you have to finish it in. im totally here if you need some motivation because i clearly need some, hence why im on the way to the gym with one of my fittest friends! We can do it Cassie =]]] and i must say i do like that picture in the blue swimsuit; this just may be my goal too haha But seriously i still think you look great even now =] your goal weight is mine =] we can reach it girly!

  2. You are so skinny! I think you look great now! Weight is really just a #. You probably have some muscle and that's why the # is a little higher! It's important to obviously eat healthy and work out, but try not to stress about the #. You're beautiful and should enjoy this happy time!!

  3. Ok.....First and foremost....

    You are gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. I think you look lovely at the weight you are now, but I totally understand your goals for your wedding. I had the same goals.

    No matter what you weigh, you are going to be one of the most gorgeous brides!!!!

  4. I, like the two above, think you look amazing in all of the pictures. But I'm petite (only 5'4") and can totally relate to this post because even 5 pounds makes a HUGE difference on how my clothes fit and what my body looks like. Good luck with your goals, even though I know you don't need it!

  5. I think you are gorgeous and your body is ROCKING, however coming from someone who has always been 115 and less (in college, hs etc) now that I weight 135 I am DYING. my jeans don't fit, my shirts look different, and I hate it. HATE IT! So I understand the want. I wish you luck in getting things how you want it. here is to us losing what we gained, in a healthy way!

  6. Congrats on your engagement! Your ring is beautiful :) and so are you! You don't need to lose weight but you need to feel good in your skin. I know 5 or 6 lbs sounds little but I have a small frame as well and understand how they can make the difference!

  7. You are gorgeous :) Weight is just a number & as for you I think for your height your sitting at a perfect weight, but I know how easy it can be to want to lose weight. :)

    Goodluck to you!
    Have a good week!
    Breanna xx

  8. I'm just catching up woman and OH MY GOODNESS, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I am so excited for you! (& MR and I have been together since March 2010 and also have never had a fight. We just get one another. I can't explain and have never tried b/c like you said, people don't buy it! I am just giddy for you over here! Literally did a little jig for you just now!

    Now onto this particular post! a) you look friggin' fantastic in all of the photos! The weight doesn't seem to affect you that much, honestly! I am working on getting back to my happy weight too. It's only like 5-6 lbs as well and I feel down right terrible saying that out loud to everyone because they give me those "You bitch" looks! lol. 5-6lbs on a 5'2" frame is A LOT though!

    Congratulations again! I can't wait to hear more about it all as the year progresses! xo

  9. I think you look incredible currently (at 131). I really do. There is nothing gross about your body, a lot of girls would kill to have it---however, I understand wanting to be more fit and toned, I felt the same way before our wedding and also this year when I started to work out a lot to achieve my fitness goals.

  10. OK I am SO BEHIND!!!! CONGRATULATIONS sweet girl!! how exciting!!! Your ring is BEAUTIFUL and how sweet to get it from Aspen =)
    I know what you mean -- when I go married I was 124 and toned and really fit. I have been lazy in the last two years and hover right around 128 =/ I'm not big by any means but I FEEL blah about myself. I don't diet because I am already picky enough =/ and I LOVE bread haha! I would like to lose those 3-4 lbs again but I just need to get out there and do it. I understand and now you have the perfect motivation! YAY!
    Again - so excited for you. you are going to be a stunning bride =)

  11. you look amazing!! i know exactly what you mean though... you want to feel your best.
    i always weight around 115. Since graduating college I hover at 134-137. I try SO SO hard to lose the weight. But I have to work very hard to do it. And let's be honest... I'm just lazy. I commute an hour to work each way where I work 8-5 which doesn't make it convenient to go to the gym. its really tough.
    but you do look great and i'd give anything to weigh 131 right now!!!

  12. I think you look fabulous! no matter what you will be a beautiful bride :)

  13. I have gained 5 lbs and typically weigh around 124 as well. I NEED TO GET BACK TO THAT IN LIKE A MONTH. No joke. LOL tell MW to help me. What is your plan of action?! tell me so I can follow! :)

  14. you are going to be a beautiful bride! good luck getting back to to your goal weight, I'm in the same boat as you. We can do it!!! :)

  15. girl youre crazy!! your body is gorgeous but I know what you mean, I have more energy and feel better when I lose a little weight. I lost 25 pounds last year and was able to keep it off and I blogged about it a couple days ago so check it out if you need dieting tips =] ...But I bet mr. wonderful could help you out much better than me! haha

  16. i can totally relate to operation wedding diet...i did the exact same thing last year by sticking to 3-4 days a week at the gym with counting calories--i was finally at my thinnest and i was HAPPY...now prego and gaining a ton--HAHA. funny how things can change so quickly!! good luck darling, you can totally do it

  17. I will preface this by saying that I totally understand where you are coming from. Although you look great to others (and you totally do), if you don't feel awesome about yourself, it doesnt really matter.

    That said, YOU LOOK AWESOME right now! But, going to the gym more and eating a little better isn't bad for any of us. If it leads to you losing some weight or toning up the way you want to, awesome. And if it doesnt, just know that you look great right now! Promise :)

  18. I hear ya - it's almost impossible to find motivation to hit the gym after a long day. If you find any great ideas please let me know:) I am in the same boat...making my goals for wedding/honeymoon in June. You look great though! Props for putting up those photos:)

  19. I think you look amazing right now! But I know the pressure to look good for your wedding. I lost weight before mine and I just wanted to look perfect. Im sure you will be a beautiful bride!

  20. i am 5'9 and weigh 130. all my friends think i'm crazy when i say i need to loose a few pounds but they just don't get it. i know i'm not fat but i should be 126ish. thats my happy weight. so i'm right there with you. i'm getting in shape! i just want to feel happy and healthy with my body.

  21. You look amazing right now!! But you do whatever makes YOU feel comfortable. You're gonna look gorgeous either way on your wedding!

  22. Omg I am finally catching up on blogging and twitter and totally missed that you got engaged over this holiday! Congratss!!!! so exciting! My wedding is 5 months away and January will see operation skinny bride for me too!


  23. great post! I'm in the exact same boat. I'm 117 right now, but I'm only 5'4. I'm happy with everything except my upper thighs. . . but losing that weight around there is so hard! I want to tighten up my thighs and tone up to around 110 for my June wedding!

  24. First off, congrats on the engagement! How incredibly exciting and I always thought that it would be so special to get engaged around the holidays!

    Second, despite you weighing 131, I think you look fabulous, but certainly are our own worst critics! And even if you look good, but don't feel it, then you're right, get back to your "glory days!"

    I'm on a mission for the new year as well...my weight has gotten to the point of being completely unacceptable and it's time to stop being lazy and making excuses and do something about it!

    Best of luck to you!

  25. I understand not "feeling your best". People always get mad at me when I say that I feel "big" or "fat".
    But I really believe it is how you FEEL!
    Also- just want to say you look great in all the photos :)


  26. Please don't say gross!! You are far from gross and I think you are beautiful just as you are!

  27. I think we all at some point experience this as we are so hard on ourselves and our own worst critic. The fact you were able to do paleo for two months .... Incredible. I wish I could make the lifestyle switch to that as its a big belief in the Crossfit world, but I love food too much ;) Do you guys have a Crossfit to check out? I swear you would love it as its quick workouts and a game changer for toning!!!

  28. I think you might be my body twin! haaha! You can do it girl and I was stressed during planning my wedding and lost even more weight. But it is so great to be have a healthy lifestyle and nothing like a wedding to kick start it:-) Congratulations to you and MW!

  29. Omg girl! You're just too beautiful! But I do know how you feel...even though you are a small size...you know what Weight you feel best at. I have been super lazy the last couple months and haven't really gone to the gym AT ALL!
    I can see the change! And have gained 3 pounds! I know you can do it! I have nine months to get in shape before our wedding...and that's my news years res...to get back in the gym! I'm sure our guys can fix us up with some routines lol!

  30. Every girl wants to lose weight and look as good as she possibly can on her wedding day... especially if it's a destination and you'll be in a bathing suit all week. That was the case for me and I dropped 18 lbs. Lots of hard work, weight training, cardio and calorie counting went into it. As hard as it was to stay so disciplined, I've never felt better and the results were amazing! You have always worked out, and with the help of MW I know you'll get to your goal weight and will feel as confident as ever on your wedding day!

  31. Congratulations on your engagement!! So exciting!! I totally understand where you are coming from. I wish I was hoping to lose 6 lbs vs my 20 lbs :) my thyroid problem I've gain too much for comfort. Here's to a new year and good gym attendance ;)

  32. I actually think that you look the best and most beautiful where you are right now...but it's all about how YOU feel and what's going to make YOU happy.

  33. I get told all the time, that I am small, but I am not comfortable in my own skin because I know I could be a lot healthier. Personally now, I always try to focus on health and gaining lean muscle. I know my weight can be stubborn but I try to look at how far my body has come and not just what the scale says. BTW, you look great in all the photos!

  34. you look great in all the pictures! but i am so the same way. I was 120 in high school (TOO SKINNY!)...have been up to 138 due to insane fast food binging...and am floating around 127-130 right now. I'd like to stay at about 125...OR be much more toned up. i tend to carry weight like "saddle bags" as you described! 2012 we're doing this, girl!! it's about being happy at the weight that makes you feel the best!

  35. I HATE MY SADDLEBAGS! Seriously, the hardest spot to get rid of. Those and my love handles. If you have any workout tips for getting rid of those LET ME KNOW! And you rock for posting those pictures. Cheers to a new year and changes :)

  36. Thank you so much for putting yourself out there like this! I needed the motivation to get on the 'cliche new years resolution band wagon' and go back to the gym. I'm the MOH in a May 2012 wedding and I don't want to look back at pics from that wedding and think I look gross! Really, thank you! Motivation- check! :)

  37. Whatev! What grossed me out is that you think you look bad! You are STUNNING!! I am all for wanting to look like a magazine bride... I def strived for that.

    But, please believe you are BEAUTIFUL. (:

  38. You are beautiful, but I understand completely. When I was in university, I was in the best shape of my life! I had a baby 9 months ago, and had gained 45 lbs during my pregnancy. I have lost 25, and some days I get quite depressed looking at myself in the mirror. The other day, I was able to get on a pair of lounge pants that I hadn't worn since pre-pregnancy, and I am so very excited! Here's to getting back to our dream weights in a healthy way :)

  39. You look great! But I completely understand what you mean..Im 145 right now ugh!!! And I want to get to 120 what I weighed a few years ago. People will say things like you look fine but when you know you weighed less not to long ago you dont feel fine..Anyhow good luck on your weight loss :)
    -barbie @ styleofamrs.blogspot.com

  40. First, I think you look great! But second, as someone who is 5'7 and at 130, I so understand. I'm happiest with my bod when I'm under the 130 mark... Preferably like 126. And it seems like just a few lbs but a few lbs have crept on and stayed there! I get it for sure. I think you look fantastic but I commend your efforts to drop a few before you tie the knot b/c I'd do the same thing! I'm starting crossfit in hopes of toning up some things that have ....ahem..become a little less toned as I've gotten older. (read: jiggly)

  41. I know how you feel I'm only 5"1 and I'm 119Lb but am currently 4.5Lb over my gaol if you will feel happier thinner and more toned go for it. Don't let anyone stand in your way of looking how you want on your wedding day! I teach too and find it a struggle to workout after work so I wake up at 5:30am and do a DVD workout then have breakfast and head to work. If I have time when I'm done then I'll do another workout or go for a walk/run. I'm wanting to get back to my goal for my wedding in October.

    Your newest follower Ada.


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