18 December 2011

New Facebook layout

For those of you have Facebook, how many of you have been able to upgrade to the new look of Facebook known as Timeline? I LOVE the new changes. It's the only change FB has released that I actually really like. Your home page to your profile now resembles a lot like a blog page, which is why I think I like it so much. I still despise the "ticker" in the corner of FB showing who's commenting on what. That is super invasive and annoying, maybe they'll do away with it. 

I am sharing my home screen (a wee bit edited of course) to show you some of the new changes. I really like that you can document places, monuments in your life etc etc. those of you have have seen the timeline know what I'm talking about. 

Of course, I have already read some of the negative nancy comments from so called friends and family saying they don't like that people can scroll back to the beginning of their posts and such.

All I have to say is, people can do it even without the upgrade, they just had to do it the long way, which was clicking on pages and pages of wall posts. And as with all FB things, you can control what you want others to see and not see, so I'm not really sure why everyone is getting their panties in a bunch over this.  Personally, my take on FB is this:

If they are really your "Friend" then they already know your "past" things that you wrote on your wall years ago, who you dated way back when, so really, why "hide" it? your past is what makes you who you are today! Are we shameful of this? I don't get it...

I really like being able to see what I wrote back in 2004 (which at the time, wasn't much I found out! LOL) 

I also saw how many people I am no longer "friends" with.

I've really cut down my list. I used to be up in the 800s with "friends" and really I had to step back and delete a lot. At first it was fun to add "old friends" you know, those childhood friends you haven't seen since elementary school days. But really, as time wore on, other then the quick Hi how are you where have you been all these years update, that was really the only time I ever heard/talked to them! So just began to delete a lot. Had to be rid of those that would air their dirty laundry as status' too. Drove me bonkers. 



  1. I like the change too, but I need to make a cute little background like yours!

  2. hmmm I'm still deciding how I feel about this newest change.. Can't decide if I should switch over or not. You're right though, people who get ralled up whenever fb changes are pathetic, its FACEBOOK, not life :)

  3. I like the change too...and I delete people all the time. Just because we went to the same elementary school doesn't mean we need to be "friends". I also hide people. So, I don't defriend them but I have to do something to get rid of all their annoying posts!

  4. Oooh fun! I have been so busy I haven't seen this offered, have to chk it out:-)


  5. im debating how i feel about it, haven't made the switch yet...but i do like that you can basically see the last few years of your life organized via fb...it's funny to see what was important to me in 2004! :)

  6. I actually really like it too! It looks so much better than any other facebook layout. It's just so clean and I just love it.
    It's actually pretty funny to see what I wrote way back in freshman year of high school haha!

  7. I've had timeline for awhile now. They were supposed to launch it in October and I somehow got it.. randomly. I was SUPER paranoid about cleaning up my old timeline, but then I got into it and was like "Whatever.. If someone reads this and judges me, I dont care." haha.. I mean..really.. I DID take a few comments off from my ex that were slightly ahem.. suggestive.. haha.. But other than that, I dont care. I DO need to go through and clean up some friends.. I'm just too lazy. I wish I hadn't accepted as many old "Friends" as a I have. I mean.. if I couldn't pick them out of a lineup b/c we havent talked in 20+ years, probably shouldnt be my fbook friend.. haha!

  8. I'm not sure how I feel about the new FB profile yet, but I'm sure I'll get used to it. It does look cool though!

  9. I've seen some of my friends using this new feature, but myself I'm still so used to old one that kind of afraid to change it. Anyway your layout looks FABULOUS!!! I just discovered your Blog and I'm totally loving It! I 'd love if you visited my blog for multiple posts on all things fashion and style. I'm following you, I hope you'll do the same. Thanks so much.


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