28 December 2011

My DIY Projects/How Pinteresting Wednesday

It's Pinteresting Wednesday!!!
*picture belongs to MeohMy blog! :) 

I have had this picture saved for over a year wanting these zinc letters. 

They are sold at Anthropologie for  98.00 a PIECE! Yeah, how about them apples!?! 

On a teacher's salary, I can't really "spend" that for fun per letter. So I thought there has got to be some other way! 

Enter Hobby Lobby.

 I picked up CHIPBOARD letters IDENTICAL to the zinc letters and for a 1.99 a piece, they were a steal in my book! 

I've had this spray for a few years now. Not sure if it's from Walmart or Michaels. I'm sure you can pick it up at a lot of local stores. 

Anyway, spray the letters at a good distance. Chipboard absorbed the paint very well. Let dry for a hour outside.

Okay so how does one attach chipboard letters to their walls? 
I picked up some little claw looking thingys at Hobby Lobby as well and they nailed right into the back of the chipboard with no problem. Chipboard is so light, I knew these would do the job just fine! 

 And here's my version!!! Tah da! 

 I really liked how it looks, just like the fancy anthro letters! 

Ok moving on to another pinterest pin I've had pinned for a few weeks. A blog I have followed for a long time is where I first saw this (House of Smiths) She's so crafty! 

See my pin board on Pinterest if you you need directions (link to pinterest is on my right side of blog) it's under "Make it" board! 

Gotta be honest and say these weren't EASY to make. I have a good color printer, it even has it's own photo slot for 4x6 photo paper. BUT....

I went ahead and printed these at a local CVS (what a nightmare) and RIP OFF! 

You need a minimum of a 2x3 print to fit in these bulbs and that's even cutting it to close (As in to big)

All printing places IE TARGET< WALMART>WALGREENS etc etc do NOT print prints any smaller than a 4x6

It was Dec 23rd when I made these, so there was no way I could send the prints away via an online company just to have a 2x3 made. (they'd never get here on time with all the extra stuff in the mail for the holidays)

What CVS does offer is wallets to be printed, but in like MASS quantities of 9 on one sheet. 

For reals? I am going to have to pay for all these wallets when I only want one? Yup. 


The Bulbs are from Hobby Lobby (since Michaels was sold out of the plastic ones) I really like that I got 4 real LARGE glass bulbs and for cheap! 

The berries are from Michaels. 

And as for my last pin...

This was on pinterest, and I thought to myself, "ya know, that looks really yummy, I'll ask mister wonderful to cook it for us for dinner sometime!"

This is Mister Wonderful's version 
It was delish! 

 I NEVER post recipes, (I don't do the cooking in our house that's MW's job I just get dish duty!) 
So if y'all are interested you can find the recipe *HERE

Be sure to link up with Michelle over at the Vintage Apple!



  1. Wow you are super creative girl! Your EAT sign turned out so good. I just might have to try that.

    You have a new follower :)

  2. I love the inspiration and execution pins! Fantastic!!

  3. That last pin just made me so hungry! And I love the way your letters turned out! Maybe I'll have to throw together a saying of my own :) Too bad I don't have a Hobby Lobby near me.

  4. Your EAT letters look great, love Pinterest!!! So addictive!

  5. I love those letters in your kitchen!

  6. Pinterest makes everything better :)

    Love the letters. $98 for one thing is ridiculous

  7. How cute is the EAT decor ideas!
    Also that lasagna looks amazing!

    I made my mom a ornament similiar to that one except it was more beachy themed :)

    Have a great week!
    Breanna xx

  8. Isn't hobby lobby the best?! It's so dangerous....haha but your little project looks great!! :)

  9. I love that you not only show pins but how you recreated....
    I have to be honest I'm sick of seeing things from Pinterest just reposted on blogs.

  10. loveloveloveeee!! i saw the anthro letters too and COULD NOT even pretend that i could ever afford them, ha. so totally doing what you did, i love that paint! i made ornaments too but just printed pics off my own printer and gave them as gifts :)

  11. Wow, you go girl! So crafty and CUTE! I love all of your real-life pins!

  12. I love the letters! And the ornaments! I want to try those letters in my new place... Or in Eric and my place since we're thinking we'll move in together when I move out from my crazy roomie this spring!

  13. All of your pinterest inspired creations look amazing! I also made ornaments for Christmas, but I will say, mine did not turn out nearly as great as yours! I may have to make some more for next year!

    Hope you have a great week!


  14. Great job with all your DIY projects! Love all three pins :)

  15. I love your EAT letters. What a steal and who in the world can afford $98 per letter when you could do it yourself for so much cheaper??

  16. Those letters are awesome! I am inspired...hmm...I need to go to Michaels for other things today too...

    Love the ornaments as well. We did that for our wedding photos this year! So cute!!

  17. LOVE the letters and the ornaments...so cute!

  18. Love the letters over the oven! Stopping by from The Vintage Apple. Have a great week!

  19. I love how your DIY projects turned out, especially the ornaments.

  20. what a great idea for the letters!

  21. That looks DELICIOUS! My boyfriend does most of the cooking too - I'm more of a baker!

  22. Love the EAT letters; they turned out great!! And I have the exact same recipe pinned....looks so delicious!

  23. Such a cute EAT sign! What a great idea and so much less expensive!

    I may have to copy you on that one..

  24. Oh I love all of this. The ornaments are especially cute! :)

  25. i love those letters!! what a great, easy, and chic craft to make!

  26. I love the EAT idea, and even more the cheaper/crafty way! Makes you feel good to know you saved $ and made something! I wanted to do the pic ornaments too! Maybe next year...

  27. This is amazing. Such a talented soul. And the food looks delicious too. =)

    Followed the blog, hope you don’t mind. And who knows, maybe you’ll visit me someday too.


  28. i am stealing the idea of the ornaments for next year! what an awesome idea!!!!!

  29. It came out wonderful!! Great job!

  30. I think the Xmas bulbs turned out perfect, seriously worth the extra chunk change!!

  31. I just found your blog today and am skipping around and reading different things! And I'm loving your blog. We seem to be the same age and are both recently engaged. I just totally mentally showed you my ring too as I'm sure you did with everyone you saw in the first few weeks (Months maybe, haha). And I also want to lose weight and know the feeling about being skinny and how a few pounds (Or 20+ in my case) over your usual weight can be. But I've lost 20 and still want to be around 125-130! I'm also 5'8".... BUT the reason I'm commenting on this post is to say that you can print wallet size photos at Walgreens and that it prints out 4 on a 4x6 so you're not stuck with 8 extra pictures, only 3 in this case. And they're actually printing new random sizes now too but I'm not sure what all they are though. I just crammed all my comments into one here!!


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