04 May 2010

The school year is rapidly coming to an end.  Only 4 wks left of school and I am kinda sad! Still so many art projects I'd like to squeeze in before the year is over!

 My 1st graders made little Mexican men as they called it, wearing sombreros...Cinco DeMayo is tomorrow.

Top 10 Things I Have Learned in my late twenties

1) Being truthful is the most important virtue, for once trust is broken, it is hard to gain back.
2) People are people, and everyone has a story.
3) Focusing on the past or the future will get me nowhere, I need to live now.
4) Helping others always helps me.
5) I am responsible for everything I do. There’s always a choice, and it’s up to me.
6) Travel gives a new perspective to life.
7) Everything is beautiful-you just have to see.
8 ) New ideas and inspirations are necessary for growth.
9) “Accidents” can sometimes be the best thing for you.
10) Family is the most important of all. Even if you aren't all that close as time wears on.

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