05 May 2010

These are Kimonos done by my 4th Graders.  They have grown on me so much this year, lessons that should take a while they just seem to whip right through!!

*Below are 2 of my best 5th grade's Southwest Blankets.  Students had to design a blanket with things of the southwest.  They studied a cow's skull and had to draw that on a separate piece of paper.  Shading was a difficult concept for them to grasp.  Lastly they had to use yarn at the bottom of the blanket.

*Kinders read the story Corduroy.  I was so happy with their bears.  Their drawing just show so much innocence and beauty.

*Bottom pic is of my 1st graders 3-D paper sculptures.  I LOVE this lesson....They have to use all paper out of my scrap box!

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