24 May 2010

The "Beast"

Okay so I have to vent a little bit.  Ever see the movie The Sandlot, where Smalls hits his first homer over the fence and asks to how to get the ball back?  And remember the kids say, You don't get it back the beast gets it. Well I am feeling much like Hercules (that's the dog's name in the movie) aka the beast with my next door neighbors and things being thrown over our brick divider fence between our houses!! Now don't get me wrong, yes I absolutely adore kids. Come I mean duh I am a teacher! I see over six hundred kids a week at my school and I love each and everyone of them.  However, when I come home from a long day, I don't want to have to deal with rowdy next door neighbor kids!  First it started with my neighbor who has 2 boys under the age of 6. I think one is 4 or 5 and the other is 3 soon to be 4. Anyway, I noticed all these stones ALL OVER my backyard. WTF is what I am thinking right? Like, how did all these rocks get ALL OVER my grassy backyard? The second thought through my mind was great the landscaper is going to be ticked because he can't mow the lawn with these rocks everywhere! I peer over the fence and what do you know, the rocks are identical to the ones that belong right to my next neighbor's backyard. Hmmmm...are we putting 2 and 2 together here? So I stomp over and tell my my neighbor that her boys threw rocks ALL OVER my backyard and now I have to pick them up so the yard guy can do his job.  She said she would have a talk with them.  Okay really neighbor?!? Do your motherly duty and SUPERVISE your CHILDREN!  What if those rocks had hit my dog while she was outside!? I'd be even more mad than I am now.
Then Yesterday...
A baseball appears in my back yard.  I knew immediately where it came from. So just because I was upset from before I decided to let it chill there. I figured heck, if they wanted the dang ball back, they would come knock on my door for it.  2 days go by, and the husband finally has the nerve to ask me to see if I could find the ball that his boys some how accidentally hit over the brick wall into my yard. GRRR...So i chucked it as far as I could over their side. I am beginning to feel like the grumpy old lady who hates kids LOL when really that isn't the case at all, I just want the mom to be more attentive to her kids! Okay. Whew. done ranting.

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