03 October 2017

And in todays news

Here in America, you’re not safe from domestic terrorism in your schools, movie theaters, churches, nightclubs and now outdoor concerts.

To all the people on social media:
Don’t say the shooters name. These people want the attention. Don’t look at their picture THESE PEOPLE WANT THE ATTENTION. They do this to be remembered


Say the victims names. Give them what they deserve. Let them be rembered. Look at their pictures pray for their family. Let them know that you stand by them
There's many of us that can't help with any other way but praying. So pray! Pray for GOD to be with those whom lost family, friends, loved ones in the Las Vegas shooting, in Mexico's earthquake, in Barcelona and so many other places. The truth is we're only really safe in God's hands. 

I'm really at a loss for words. So much killing. So much hate. I truly believe we are going to have to hit rock bottom in order to reset all this madness. Does that mean another war for our Country? More than likely. 

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