27 September 2017

I'm alive I swear!

Wow that thing called Motherhood? They aren't kidding when they say it pretty much takes up all of that thing called "Free time." I have NO free time these days! I am lucky if I can squeeze a shower in--oh and drying my hair IF i'm lucky he doesn't wake up during that brief shower!

I can hardly believe 3 months have gone by since having my son! When they say treasure each day that they are only small once, those words have never rung so true. I am already looking back at his newborn pictures saying to myself, how is he this big already?" 

I am sad that I don't seem to have any time to read as much as I once used to. If I am not dog tired at night, that's about the only time I can seem to squeeze it in. 
But all in all, no matter what is different, no matter what I have had to give up or change, spending time with my baby and being there for his milestones are precious moments that I can never get back, and would never trade in for anything. 

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