10 March 2015

Mrs. Soules to be is.....


Where are all my bachelor peeps??! Who watched the grand finale last night?! 

He picked Whitney! Seriously though, if I hear another person complain about her voice, I am gonna smack them! Obviously it doesn't bother Chris so get over it already! 

Did anyone else feel like Whitney was a shoo-in just from how much his family praised her and said such positive things? I felt like it was a no brainer from that point in the show who he was going to pick. 


I thought the who dialogue between Chris and Becca was very classy. They were both so honest and she held exited with such class. 

What did y'all think? 

Both of their dresses on the finale I thought were so ugly! lol I don't know if it was just so freaking cold in Iowa that they dressed them in such warm looking dresses or what? 

pic from here


  1. I totally agree with everything you said.. And yes those dresses were quite interesting.. Especially Becca's!

  2. I actually liked Becca's dress, but thought Whitney's dress was not pretty at all. I didn't like how they styled her hair either. Didn't understand why Becca stayed until the very end. If she wasn't feeling it she should've walked away before the proposal rose ceremony. Just my thoughts :)


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