09 March 2013

Movie Review



Saw both these movies over the past 2 weeks. Silver Linings was interesting because it depicted/touched on what it's like to live with someone who has mental illness. 

Snitch reminded me a ton of the movie Traffic starring Julia Stiles, Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta Jones. Drugs are scary people. And bad. Nuff said! 

It think the husband and I have pretty much caught up on our Academy Award movie nominees. I told the hubs he was on his own when he wants to watch Life of Pi (since I am a big softy and can't watch anything animal related without bawling) 



  1. You HAVE to watch Life of Pi -- it is an incredible movie, and the most visually stunning I've ever seen!

  2. Also just recently saw both of these! Loooooved them both but Snitch-- holy friggin drug trafficking. Pretty sure my boyfriend & I walked out with "Soooo never ever doing drugs, yes??"

  3. Absolutely Life of Pi is a remarkable movie! A movie that you love to watch over and over and over again! love tv

  4. STILL haven't seen Silver Lining and am dying to!

  5. im a little obsessed with the silverlinings playbook... little in love with jennifer lawrence.... and i actually bought the book too! its good, but in all honesty, so far i like the movie a lot better!


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