06 March 2013

Blog Crush(es)...I've got a crush on you linkup!

Seriously how fabulous is Erin over at living in Yellow!?

She totally came up with this awesome linkup that I just had to participate in!


but I'd have to say my favorite reads are these ladies:

Several of these ladies don't have blog buttons, so I just "borrowed" their pics from their pages for you to get a glimpse of who they are! 

Brit over at Life Of Charmings
Brit is a new mom, and a POM mom like myself. I was instantly drawn to her gorgeous photos she takes, and the girl has the most gorgeous hair I've ever seen! :)

Julie is so sweet, and a midwest girl now, I think that's why I was drawn to her blog. Love her dog Wrigley and her new baby Hudson!

Ruthie is seriously thee nicest girl ever, I am so sad she lives in TX so far from me because I think we'd be real life friends! (Helps that our hubbies are both from Cleveland!)
Ruthie is a mom to be and has the spunkiest dog named Ernie!

Meg over at Style me Swanky

Megan is a fashion blogger, and a southern belle. She's getting ready for her big day! I've been following her for the past 2-3 years now, she has such cute outfits!

Veronica over at Veronica's Blushing
Veronica is a fashion blogger, and soon to be mom. She's so sweet and has made a ton of V logs which I love watching!

Amanda over at Marshall's Abroad
Amanda takes the most GORGEOUS photos in Japan, where her husband is stationed. They have the most original love story I've ever read :) I inspire to take great pics as she does!

Angie over at Heart of Aloha

Angie has amazing photos too! She lives in Hawaii and her posts are always reminding to put things in perspective in my life.


Jax is seriously the sweetest gal around. She's a weekend blogger (yay someone else who is just cray busy during the week that holds off to post till the weekend!) She recently got engaged and is also a fur momma!

My Blog Button
What is there to say about Tracy that hasn't been said? Super sweet, loves to wear accessories (esp . statement necklaces!) and an expecting mother as well! She's also a fur momma! 

Natasha over at Hello Happiness!
N&J Rehearsal Dinner-116 EDITED

Natasha has the best dang handwriting I've ever seen. Seriously you should all see the post where she showed her handwriting all her own wedding calligraphy invitations to her wedding! She's a mom and currently expecting baby #2.

I absolutely love all the blogs that I follow. Yes you all along my side bars, and all of you that aren't listed on the side either but show up in my google reader!

 I wouldn't follow all of you if y'all weren't wonderful! These are in no particular order either :) 



  1. aw you are the sweetest, cassie! love those pom babies :) and if anyone has gorge hair, it's you! xoxo

  2. These are some great blogs! Love this post!

  3. I'll have to check some of these out! Thanks for the recs.

  4. i love so many of these blogs~going to check out the rest


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