27 June 2018


All About Keto! 

As promised, I was surprised at how many of you messaged me asking for recipes and or a little more information on the Keto diet! 

If you haven't already watched, be sure to start by watching "The Magic Pill." It's on Netflix and super informative as to why Keto is so beneficial for your health! 

You can watch the trailer on Amazon here if you want...

Download app called CARB MANAGER

you'll need to imput your weight and goals to help calculate your Marcos (Scary word I know)
The biggest thing I took away from the app was that more often than not I was consuming to much protien and not enough of the "fats" part. DO NOT be afraid to eat more of what we have been trained to think is bad for you (the eggs bacon etc etc) eat as much as you want! That's the point of KETO! 

As promised here is a helpful cookbook to get you going! 

If you are looking to just learn simple basic Keto recipes this cookbook is for you! 

There are many other books via amazon or in store or the libary to give you ideas, I also searched people in instagram #ketodiet or #ketofood to help give me fresh ideas on what to make! 

So what does a typical day of eating look like for me?

I am a creature of habit, it's rare I get sick of things, in time I will switch it up, but for the last 2 months or so this has been it! 

 3 Eggs scrambled either add cheddar cheese, ham, turkey, tomato or avacado or all to eggs each day to change it up.


Avacado (NO BREAD!) just sliced add "everything but the bagel" seasoning (gotta purchase it from Trader Joes) and you're golden! yum um! 


PLAIN Greek Yogurt with lemon juice added and 2-3 packets of TRUVIA sweetener

or BACON (I have no shame in saying for breakfast on more than one occasion I eat a whole pound of bacon by myself.) That's all though. 

FAST till lunch. I have no set schedule saying I have to eat. Some mornings I am more hungry and other mornings I can wait till lunch to eat. 

ground beef. 
saute mushrooms
Tomato sauce 
parmesean cheese on top.


add cooked asparagus to it if you need a little more! 

Garlic Butter Shrimp. 

or if I didn't eat ground beef or ground lamb for lunch, I will have ground beef or lamb for dinner.

Fish: Usually Salmon served with asparagus or broccoli. 

Pepperoni and mozzarella cheese together. 
Avacado sliced 
CASHEWS from costco! they need to be unsalted and unroasted

Sometimes I am full from eating late lunch and skip dinner. This falls into my "Fast" time frame. I do not keep a set schedule as to when I Must fast. I listen to my body telling me when I am hungry and when I am not.

Water can get REALLY boring day in and day out esp with no alcohol allowed (This is where people tend to fail at Keto.) they can't give up the drinking. 

I add these to my water every single day. Again they are sweetened with stevia leaf so it's ok! 

How does Keto work with having a husband/spouse not on it or with children?

I cannot speak for others, but my husband is the cook in our home, and he doesn't mind making separate things for our son and or him. Both my son and my husband consume fruit, breads, and pastas with moderation. 

My diet may be to borning and bland for some. This is just what works for ME. you have to figure out what works for you. Search around for recipes on Pinterest, Instagram and in cookbooks! Helps keep it from getting boring or trite. 

I hope I have helped answer some of your questions! As always, message me, comment or DM me if you have anything else you want to ask! 

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